Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Reclining Wheelchair With Headrest

Reclining Wheelchair is similar to a light weight wheelchair but has the added feature of being able to recline the backrest.Reclining  can be for comfort and, when combined with a tilt feature, can reduce the risk of skin breakdown (ex. pressure/bed sores).

Reclining Wheelchair are commonly used by elderly who are using a wheelchair as their primary means of mobility.Maybe they have had a stroke and are not able to comfortably sit in a standard wheelchair. They need additional support to be both comfortable and safe.Maybe they have been using a light weight wheelchair for several years and are now beginning to have issues with skin breakdown (such as pressure sores/bed sores).

They have a higher back and usually a head rest to support the senior while reclined.

The leg rests may also have additional calf support.

Reclining Wheelchair (and tilt if needed) is usually controlled by a hand brake type system on the handles at the back of the chair.

They are also made to accommodate more specialized seating and positioning accessories - more advanced cushions, backrests and head rests.

They are also beneficial for elderly that like to be out and about with others but become drowsy during the day. Being able to tilt and recline allows them to be more comfortable for short periods without having to lay down in bed.


Powder coated steel frame
detachable armrest and elevating footrest
8″ solid castors and 24 ″ ″  solid rear wheels
plastic footplate
reclining high back
detachable headrest

Karma Wheelchairs - KM-5000
AEGIS Microbe Shield protection.
Detachable armrests and elevating footrests.
Detachable and height-adjustable headrest.
Ultra - Lightweight aircraft grade aluminium alloy frame.
Backrest reclines smoothly from 90-163 degrees.
Hydraulic recline

karma km 5000 suitable for stroke patients, the elderly and people recovering from accidents or surgery, the KM5000 recliner is a highly versatile folding aluminium wheelchair. Its reclining backrest allows the carer to continuously adjust the angle from sitting at 90-degrees to a more relaxed 180-degree resting position or any angle in between.

Key Features

  • Reclining backrest
  • Headrest with movable cushion to support the head
  • Quick release, removable rear wheels for ease of storing in vehicle
  • Fully removable full length armrests, that allow for easy transfers
  • High mounted, push to lock brakes
  • Elevating swingaway legrests, with calf pad
  • Reinforced cross bracing - strong but easily folded

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