Thursday, 26 February 2015

Walking Stick Feet Rubber for sticks and canes Tips

A new Walking Stick Feet Rubber cane tip will ensure the stability of your new walking stick or cane on almost any surface. Whether you are searching for a replacement cane tip, or one with functional options like a pivoting or ice-gripping cane tip, we have the variety and the lowest prices Walking Stick Feet Rubber. Choose from a range of options including low-profile rubber cane tips for a more discreet look, metal cane tips (steel inserts that provide lasting durability), with a wide base for extra sturdy support and many, and even walking staff tips.

Look no further to find the replacement rubber stop for any walking cane. No matter the size or shape of your cane, our tip selection is one the largest available online. We stock easy-fit universal cane tips, quadruple cane tips and more. Once you have chosen the one that's right for you, be sure to check out our other walking cane supplies and accessories for even more convenient options.

Our walking cane wrist straps help prevent your cane from slipping out of your hand, which we know can be a nuisance especially if one’s grip isn’t as strong as it used to be. Next, if you want to give a cane as a gift or simply want your address information on your cane, you can get a personalized cane engraving on most canes for sale.

Most assured, you absolutely need to see the quality and craftsmanship with our cane stands and shoe horns. Perhaps, you are tired of leaning your cane up against a table and it falls over damaging your cane. We now have walking cane holders to secure your cane in an upright position. In addition, our walking cane covers and bags provides extra protection for your cane; even transport it safely while on the go and not in use! We also have an additional assortment of cane parts available.

Finally, we recommend you buy at least one extra cane tip for later use. Although our tips are a superior grade of quality, you may not remember what size of cane tip you originally purchased with your order, and as always, thank your for be a valuable customer at
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  • Quadripod Walking Stick
  • Quadripod Walking Stick2
Walking Stick Feet Rubber: Benefits of using Rubber Feet
  • Rubber Feet in this style C shape are a great all rounder and are a very popular rubber foot.
  • The classic pimple base Rubber Foot design is very popular as a walking stick foot.
  • The range includes products with and without metal re-enforcing washers in the base. These help to prevent tubes punching through the end of the rubber feet, especially good for heavier applications
  • Rubber feet also help to reduce slip and vibration
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