Friday, 20 March 2015

Why Using Home Blood Pressure Monitoring?

Home blood pressure monitoring 
Doctor's may want to measure your blood pressure regularly by using a home blood pressure monitor. This is to make sure that your medicines or lifestyle changes are helping to bring your blood pressure down.

Best BP Monitor In India also, you may want to measure your blood pressure yourself at home for your own records. This can be very useful, for a number of reasons:

It can give a picture of what your blood pressure is like as you go about your daily life
You can see if your blood pressure is higher in the clinic than it is at home
You can see how well your medicines and lifestyle changes are working for you

Many people find that using a home blood pressure monitor to track their blood pressure helps them feel more in control of their condition. Home monitoring can also give your doctor or nurse a more complete picture of what your blood pressure is like from day to day.

Use home blood pressure monitor right for you?
Measuring your blood pressure with a home blood pressure monitor can be very useful, but it is not for everyone. Some people become more anxious when they start measuring at home and end up taking readings far too often.
Before you decide to try monitoring your blood pressure at home, ask yourself: will using a home blood pressure monitor make me feel more relaxed or more worried?

Tips on taking blood pressure readings For Digital BP Machine Price In India
  • Do not round your measurements up or down if you don’t keep accurate records of your blood pressure it may affect the treatment you receive.
  • Do not be alarmed if you get an unexpected high reading a one-off reading may be nothing to worry about. Measure your blood pressure again at another time, but if you find that it continues to be high after a period of time, see your doctor or nurse.
  • Do not check your blood pressure too often you may become worried or stressed about small changes in your reading. This can raise your blood pressure in the short term. Worrying about your blood-pressure reading may actually make it higher.

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