Thursday, 16 April 2015

Children with Physical Disabilities Problem

Wheelchairs For Children is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with physical disabilities.Many children faced with living with physical disabilities are in wheelchairs that are too small, in disrepair, or do not fit the needs of the child.Not only is it unsafe for a child to be in a chair that is inadequate for their needs, but it can impact their health in numerous ways including scoliosis, respiratory problems and pressure sores.  In addition, families are faced with trying to care for their special needs children in homes that have not been modified to meet their specific circumstances.

Wheelchairs For Children
Net Price:Rs4851
Wheelchairs For Children requiring wheelchairs are no different to other kids, the only difference is they depend on a wheelchair to get around. When choosing a childrens model many factors have to be considered, such as colour, style and weight.

There are many other factors -

The duration of time your child will occupy the wheelchair
Does your child require specialist seat cushions
Where will the wheelchair be used, indoors or out
Does your child participate in sporting activities

Wheelchair service is provided by Brent Community Services, Ealing Hospital NHS Trust ICO. The team consists of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and rehabilitation engineers.

The range of services include:
  • assessment for wheelchairs
  • assessing posture, to help people sit better
  • providing wheelchairs, buggies, cushions and postural support equipment
  • providing advice and training on how to use a wheelchair.
Wheelchair With Detachable Arms
Net Price:Rs7840
Wheelchair With Detachable Arms are designed for easier lateral transfers. Most chairs in this category have Desk-Length arms, a shorter arm that allows rolling up to a desk or table.  These are solely the arms of your  wheelchair, not armpads. If you need armpads as well as are detachable arms, take a look in our plastic, padded, and urethane wheelchair armrests section.The desk arm allows you to be comfortably close to the front edge of any table or desk. They may also be removed or reversed for side transfer or travel.
  • Frame: Folding, lightweight chrome plated 
  • Upholstery: Padded, breathable black nylon 
  • Handrims: High impact composite 
  • Armrest: Detachable, desk length, high impact composite side panels 

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