Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Easy And Convinient Single Hand Drive Tricycle

Tricycles, which are available in varied sizes and models as per the specific requirements of the clients. This is made by the utilization of top class raw materials in fabrication of these tricycles that are well selected and analyzed on set industry norms. Under the leadership and able-support of the industry heads, this is developed by range in compliance with the industry. A handcycle is a human powered land vehicle ideal for people with spinal cord injuries and paralysis as they are propelled by hand cranking pedals rather than using the feet or legs. Most handcycles are tricycle in form, with two coasting rear wheels and one steerable powered front wheel. Utilizing modern technology manufacturers have designed specialized handcycles for athletes competing in professional sporting competitions. While standard general use Disabled Child Tricycle are becoming more prevalent on bikeways footpaths and streets.

Handicapped Child Tricycle
Handicapped Child Tricycle
Net Price:Rs7448

  • Durability.
  • High quality.
  • Optimum strength.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Longer service life.
  • Superior quality.
  • Sturdily constructed.
  • Rust free.
  • Robust structure.
Hand Driven Tricycle come in a variety of accessible styles for people of all abilities including many persons with spinal cord injury disabilities. Handcycling is a great upper body workout and can provide a great sense of freedom for persons with disabilities. While the high cost prevents many from enjoying handcycles they are steadily growing in popularity. This Wheel chair accessory, is an alternative to using a push ring .It changes  the action  of the  wheel chair and makes it less stressful and more manoeuvrable for the rider  in tight areas.

Standard Single Hand Drive Tricycle
Standard Single Hand Drive Tricycle
Net Price:Rs6370

Standard Single Hand Drive Tricycle:
  • Frame : Made by E.R.W. Tubes 22.22 mm- 18 G.
  • Seat & Back : MS, CRC Sheet Seat Size 18"x 16"
  • Wheel Size : Wheel Diameter 28"x 1 1/2" Tyre and Tube Standard Company.
  • Parts : Standard Quality 
  • Color : Black Painted
  • Brake : Front Wheel liver System
  • Drive : Rear Wheel Right Side

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