Friday, 3 April 2015

Lightweight Detachable Wheelchairs

Lightweight Detachable Wheelchairs is made of aluminum and weighs approximately 13 kg. Its arm and leg rests are all detachable to allow for convenient transferring of patient with moderate to maximum assistance. When foot rest and arm rest are detached, patients can be transferred with less obstacles and injuries sustained.It is suitable for patients who can self propel. These make the wheelchair very stable and suitable for big or restless patients. A seat belt can be installed as a safety precaution. Straps at the foot rest prevent feet from sliding backwards in patients who had suffered from stroke.

Detachable Wheelchair comes equipped with detachable and reversible desk arms and swing-away footrests. It also features dual axle positions for quick seat height conversions and flame retardant black vinyl upholstery.Detachable Wheelchair folding with hard seat, Detachable armrest, adjustable footrest, 15cm castor in front, 31cm wheel at rear with brakes. This chair can be used for outdoor-traveling purpose.

Detachable Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs7840

  • Removable, swing away, padded elevating legrests
  • Dual rear wheel axle position
  • Dual position front caster forks
  • Anti-tippers available on some models
  • Flame-retardant Upholstery resists mildew, bacteria, and changes due to cracking from extreme cold or UV damage
  • Heavy duty liners in the back and seat prevents fabric from stretching
  • Compatible with the leading manufacturers parts and accessories
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.

Child Wheelchair are the ideal everyday and leisure time companions. Depending on children’s requirements, parents can select between power and active wheelchairs.Children aged between 2-16 years of age with long term mobility issues can be referred by a health professional who knows them i.e. GP, Health visitor, physiotherapist/occupational therapist.

Child Wheelchair  Features- 
Child Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs4851
  • Frame Style : Foldable
  • Frame Material : Steel-Powder Coated
  • Out to out width in open position (inches) : 23" approx
  • Seat Width (inches) : 14"
  • Total width in closing position (inches) : 9"
  • Rear Wheel Size : 22"
  • Front Wheel Size : 6"
  • Seat to floor height (inches) : 18"
  • Seat Depth (inches) : 16"
  • Back height (inches) : 18"
  • Total height (inches) : 35"
  • Max. User Weight Capacity (kgs) : 100
  • Net Weight (kgs) : 16.5
  • Upholstery : Cloth look like, water-proof
  • Armrest : Fixed
  • Leg-rest : Fixed
  • Wheel Quality : Solid Wheels
  • Rear Wheel Lock : Available 

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