Friday, 8 May 2015

Compact Folding wheelchairs For Users

Lightweight, compact-folding wheelchairs for children, teenagers, and young adults let go anywhere, while still ensuring proper positioning and support. Going to school, appointments and even on vacation is possible with the convenient, lightweight design. Just fold it up and put it in trunk. Foldable Wheelchair by features a powder coat steel frame with durable nylon upholstery and padded armrests. Composite mag wheels with maintenance-free bearings and composite handrims make for a smooth ride. As with anything with moveable parts, the Folding Wheelchair is not as durable as the rigid frame wheelchair. Therefore maintenance is required more frequently to keep all parts in good working order.

Folding Wheelchair
Folding Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs5684

Before purchasing a wheelchair, consider all activity level. If traveling often, and need a highly-portable option, a folding lightweight wheelchair may be. Lightweight wheelchairs provide convenience and comfort to the user and caregiver alike and are often built using materials like aluminum and titanium alloy, while foldable wheelchairs allow for easy storage and transport. Merge the two styles, and got a great mobility aid that isn't a pain to lug around. Folding wheelchairs also have removable foot rests which allow for easy folding. Most frames are made from aluminum or titanium and are heavier than the rigid frame.

wheelchair is designed to fit the body of the user, while the primary design of the folding wheelchair is to fold. Karma Folding Wheelchair are generally more “boxy” while rigid wheelchairs conform to the shape of the body. This means it can hold the users body in place by tapering the frame and seat. The folding wheelchair cannot be tapered or it would not close completely.

Folding Wheelchair
Folding Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs5684

  • Powder coat steel frame.
  • Durable nylon upholstery.
  • Composite mag wheels with maintenance-free bearings.
  • Composite footplates.
  • Padded armrests.
  • Composite handrims.
  • Maximum weight capacity.

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