Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Body Weighing Scales - UIP-05 Features & Measurements

Body Weighing Scales - UIP-05
Body Weighing Scales
Net Price:Rs1461
Body Weighing Scales - UIP-05

Body Weighing Scales Features
  1. Capacity: 180Kg
  2. Accuracy: 100 g
  3. Large LCD Display with Blue Backlight
  4. Platform Size : 300 mm X 300 mm
  5. Automatic Power On by Tapping
  6. Auto off and Low Battery Indication
  7. Power : 1* 3V CR2032Lithium Battery
  8. Units : Kg and Lbs
Body Weighing Scales Measurements
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Weighing scales (weigh scales, scales, etc.) are devices to measure weight or calculate mass. Spring balances or spring scales measure weight (force) by balancing the force due to gravity against the force on a spring, whereas a balance or pair of scales using a balance beam compares masses by balancing the weight due to the mass of an object against the weight of a known mass or masses. Either type can be calibrated to read in units of force (weight) such as Newtons, or in units of mass such as kilograms, but the balance or pair of scales using a traditional balance beam to compare masses will read correctly for mass even if moved to a place with a different (non-zero) gravitational field strength (but would then not read correctly if calibrated in units of force), while the spring balance would read correctly in force in a different gravitational field strength (but would not read correctly if calibrated in units of mass).

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