Saturday, 7 November 2015

Power Standing Wheelchair Support Motor And Battery

Power mobility allows people to move within their home and community and it can help maximize independence for those with limited mobility. The two main types of power mobility available are in the form of electric scooters or power wheelchairs. The choice to use either an electric scooter versus an electric wheelchair depends on the users' needs and abilities. Knowing some of the benefits of power wheelchairs can help in making the right decision. Power wheelchairs also can be classified on the basis of the location of the drive wheels. There are three types of Karma KP 10.3: front-wheel drive, mid- or centre-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive. Traditionally, rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs were preferred because of their similarity to manual wheelchairs in design and maneuverability. However, centre-wheel drive wheelchairs have gained popularity because they provide increased maneuverability.

Variety of Power Wheelchairs:
Karma KP 10-2 Power Wheelchair

  1. Karma KP 10-2 Power Wheelchair
  2. Karma KP 10-3 Power Wheelchair  
  3. Karma KP 80 Power Wheelchair
  4. GM Lite Power Wheelchair
  5. Bronco Wheelchair
  6. Angel Wheelchair

  • Item Code :WCI-72
  • MRP: Rs 128201                                                                            
  • Our Price :Rs 95500
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Karma KP 10.3 S Power Wheelchair

  • Ergonomic seat system provides comfortable seating
  • Tool-free disassembled into 3 parts for traveling and transportation
  • Quick-release battery pack
  • Washable upholstery
  • Height adjustable and flip back armrest
  • 2-level adjustable back angle

Power Standing Wheelchair are propelled by a motor and battery. They are very sophisticated. They are operated with a joy stick or push buttons. Some power wheelchairs use advanced technology and can climb up stairs, move across gravel and even raise up to give access to high shelves. Power wheelchairs need strong frames to support the motor and battery so they are very heavy and also quite expensive.



Karma latest power standing wheelchair is now available in India. Power Standing wheelchair - Increase your freedom Stand up again improve your independence and be find of your body

  • Item Code :WCI-74
  • MRP: Rs 424910
  • Our Price :Rs 308000
  • ( Apply Coupon Code 'POWER7' Get 7% Discount )

  • Power standing
  • Swing-away controller
  • Power Recline function
  • Front wheel drive
  • Flip-back Ergonomic arm pad
  • Knee support
  • Multiple adjustments - seat depth, footplate height, armrest height
  • Parking Brake
  • 50 AH Battery

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