Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Choosing The Right Wheelchair

If you need a wheelchair, the main decisions you’ll have to make about your chair are likely to be:

Power Wheelchair
Power Wheelchair
  • Whether it will be self-propelled, pushed by someone else, or electric-powered
  • For permanent or occasional use 
  • For indoor or outdoor use 
  • Whether you need it to go in and out of a car
  • There are pros and cons for each type of chair, so the choice depends on your needs.
  • There are a large variety of Electric Wheelchair available, so expert independent advice is essential.

Some of the things to consider when choosing the right equipment are:
  • Your physical ability. For example, if you’re unable to stand up, how will you transfer to and from the wheelchair? Stability and balance may also affect what you can use Folding Power Wheelchair.
  • How the equipment will be used. For example, do you need to get up stairs or through narrow doorways?
  • Practical considerations, such as access to a power point if the equipment needs to be charged up, or having a secure place to store the equipment when it's not in use.  
  • Choice of wheelchair design

The design of the chair affects how it can be used. Look out for:

KP 80 Power Standing Wheelchair
KP 80 Power Standing Wheelchair
Large rear wheels, which make wheelchairs easier to manoeuvre
Wheels positioned further forward on an adjustable axle, which require less effort to move the chair
Lightweight chairs that fold or can be dismantled easily if the wheelchair has to be lifted and transported regularly
Seat size, angle and style, as well as the position of the foot, back and arm rests – these should all be taken into account when considering the comfort of the chair
You should also bear in mind that Power Standing Wheelchair generally can't be modified. "Active-user" wheelchairs are usually more expensive, but they have the advantage of being adjustable and adaptable.
If you need a wheelchair that’s pushed by someone else, it's still important to consider how easy it will be for them to use it. For example, can they lift it and put it in the boot of the car?

Before deciding on a specific style of wheelchair, it's a good idea to try it out around the house or on the local roads.

Power Wheelchair Mobility maintains a small stock of wheelchairs and can arrange for individual chairs to be available for demonstration; to try before you buy. In addition, a wide range of accessories are available to make your wheelchair as comfortable as possible.

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