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Pride Go Chair and Galaxy AWA Ostrich Electric Wheelchair

Galaxy AWA Ostrich Electric Wheelchair

Galaxy AWA Ostrich Electric Wheelchair
Our Price : Rs 269500
Galaxy, a technology marvel, is an excellent indoor/outdoor electric wheelchair. Galaxy AWA Ostrich Electric Wheelchair is equipped with Split Frame, the world's best all-terrain wheelchair frame technology, and Automatic Wheelbase Adjuster (AWA), both patents filed by Ostrich. While split frame helps to negotiate the toughest terrains, Automated Wheelbase Adjuster enables you to adjust the wheelbase to match your driving conditions. While sitting on the wheelchair, reducing the wheelbase can make it small enough to negotiate the tight indoor conditions.

Galaxy AWA Ostrich Electric Wheelchair
Item Code : WCI-206
Net Price : Rs 264110
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Galaxy AWA Ostrich Electric Wheelchair Features:
  • Split Frame Chassis (SFC) and Automated Wheelbase Adjuster (AWA) (100mm).
  • Call alarm, fault alarm, reverse alarm (on request).
  • Low voltage alarm.
  • Key pad locking.
  • Mobility cut-off while charging.
  • Auto shut-off after 3 minutes.
  • Five speed selector.
  • Length adjustable joystick control unit (can be changed from left to right and vice versa).
  • Foldable, height adjustable and angle adjustable foot rest.
  • Wide arm rest with height and width adjustment.
  • Bucket seat with headrest and lap belt.
  • Seat can be folded for transportation.
  • Seat reclines 25 degrees in 6 steps.
  • seat sliding.
  • seat angle adjustment.
  • Removable and width adjustable calf support.
  • Reflectors as per standards.
  • Head lamp.
  • Tail lamp.

Galaxy AWA Ostrich Electric Wheelchair Specifications:
  • Load capacity: 110 Kg
  • Speed: 9.5 Kmph max
  • Speed selection: 5 speeds, Speed 1- 1.5Kmph, Speed 2-2.5 Kmph, speed 3- 4.8 Kmph, Speed 4- 7.2 Kmph, Speed 5- 9.5 Kmph
  • Power: 320W
  • Motor speed: 5300 rpm
  • Gear ratio: 32:1
  • Brake: Electromagnetic
  • Permissible Gradeability: 12 Degrees
  • Drive range: 32-35 Km
  • Ground clearance: 3 inches
  • Wheel base adjustment: 100mm
  • Turn circle radius: 550mm-650mm
  • Tire: Puncture free foam filled rubber tires
  • Front- Tire diameter: 220X55 mm, Rear- Tire diameter: 320X75mm, Anti tippers-25mm diameter solid
  • Battery: 24 Volt 48 Ah Sealed Maintenance Free VRLA
  • Charger: Input-230/240 Volts AC Single phase, Output-24 Volts-4 Amps DC
  • Demensions: Overall length with footrest (at 90 degree):990mm-1090mm adjustable, Overall width:640mm, Overall height: 1240mm, Overall height after folding the seat: 730mm, Overall weight: 103 Kg
  • Seat: Seat depth: 500mm, Seat width:480mm, Backrest height: 530mm (without head rest), Backrest width: 440mm, Seat base height from ground:590mm-650mm, Seat sliding:180mm
  • Arm Rest: Width:75mm, Height adjustment:100mm, Width adjustment: 50mm
  • Foot rest-single foot rest: Length:215mm, Width:205mm, Length adjustment:150mm,Angle adjustment: Up to 160 degrees

Pride Go Chair

The Go-Chair is the first travel chair that combines super portability, maneuverability and style at a low cost.

Pride Go Chair Features:
Pride Go Chair
Our Price : Rs 249500
  • Easy to remove battery pack and compact, lightweight frame.
  • Twin motors for traction and precision handling.
  • Conveniently disassembles into four manageable pieces.
  • Fits in most vehicle trunks.
  • Top speed of 3.5 mph and enough power to get you where you want to go.

Pride Go Chair
Item Code : WCI-203
Net Price : Rs 244510
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'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

Pride Go Chair Specifications:
  • Weight Capacity 250 lbs.
  • Turning Radius 26.87" with foot platform
  • Width: 19"
  • Length 27" without foot platform
  • Maximum Speed up to 3.5 mph
  • Ground Clearance: 1.37"
  • Front Wheels 3x5" solid casters
  • Drive Wheels 3x8" solid
  • Rear Wheels 3" solid anti-tips
  • Drivetrain One-motor, rear-wheel drive
  • Braking System Regenerative
  • Suspension Type Limited
  • Standard Electronics: 40A, PG GC3
  • Battery Size: 12 volt, 12 amp (2 required)
  • Standard Battery Charger: 2A, off-board
  • Per-Charge Range Up to 8 miles
  • Battery Weight 20 lbs.
  • Base Weight 57 LBS. (rear section 34.5 lbs.; front section 22.5 lbs.)
  • Standard Seat Weight 25 lbs. (foldable, compact, lightweight)

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