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Compression Stocking Knee Comfortable to Wear

Tynor Compression Stocking Below Knee is ideally designed to prevent from life threatening blood clots. It compresses the leg and squeezes it thus restricting the abnormal back flow of blood into the superficial veins. It can be used for the treatment of all the venous diseases such as congestion in legs.

It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is made of very soft, durable and high quality nylon fabric which can be stretched in four ways. It does not cause any rash or itching on the skin. It molds naturally with the shape of leg and ensures proper compression. It restores the heat within it effectively and thus provides warmth to the leg for its rapid recovery. It is convenient to use and can be carried along anywhere easily.

Tynor Compression Stocking Below Knee provide controlled compression to the legs to squeeze away abnormal back flow of blood into the superficial veins that lie just beneath the surface of the skin from the perforating veins. It is used in all forms of venous disease including blood pools or congests in legs. Severe varicose veins and discoloration to sores, ulcers and potentially life-threatening blood clots.
Tynor Compression Stocking Below Knee
  •    Our Price :Rs 589
Light weight.
Four way stretch.
Freely breathable.
Soft and comfortable.

  • MRP : Rs 654
  • Our Price :Rs 589
  • Net Price :Rs 578( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

Tynor Compression Stocking Below Knee Features
Made from soft nylon yarn and spandex
Strong and durable.
Optimal compression.
Excellent aesthetics.
Excellent Color fastness.

Four-way stretch ability
Offers optimal compression.
Snug fitting.

Double layered
Retains body heat effectively.
Provides therapeutic warmth.
Quicker healing.
Strong and durable.

Tapered shape and Controlled compression
Uniform compression even on uneven limb surface.
Offers graded compression high to low from toe upwards.
Effective blood evacuation.

Open toe design
Reduces wear and tear.
Easy to wear.
Compatible to toe rings or other jewelry items.

Lumbo Support Uni Belt is designed for flexibility and convenience to the patient. It supports and immobilizes the lumbo sacral region and correct the postural deformity to allay low back pain syndrome. It has flexi contoured splints to enhance comfort on one hand and correctness of the posture on the other.
Lumbo Support Uni Belt
  •   Our Price :Rs 590
Flexible sizing.
Smart and sleek.
Tapered back panel.
Pre-shaped semi rigid splints.

  • MRP : Rs 656
  • Our Price :Rs 590
  • Net Price :Rs 579( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

Lumbo Support Uni Belt Features
Elastic webbing made from heat resistant rubber with high modulus of elasticity.
Long functional life, better compression

Anatomically tapered shape
Perfect fitting, better immobilization, more comfort.

Pre shaped semi rigid stays
Relieves muscular stress due to wrong posture, effective immobilization.

Lean construction sleek design
Extra convenient, more comfort, everyday use as a general purpose back support, excellent for use during traveling, a prophylactic belt.

Broad hook-loop panel
Ensures easy application and quick removal, universal sizing.

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