Thursday, 5 May 2016

Best Digital Medical Thermometer DT-101N for Clinical Use

Digital Clinical Thermometer DT-101N
Our Price : Rs 95
Digital Clinical Thermometer DT-101N

Thermometer has now become an important home device because of its usefulness. Digital 101 N Thermometer is a modern thermometer which allows you to measure body temperature conveniently and at home. This thermometer with memory and beeper displays reading in quick time. It has been designed to be used by putting it inside mouth, or under the arms or inside the rectum. 

This safe and clinically accurate thermometer can be used by both adult and children. This battery-powered thermometer comes equipped with an automatic shut-off function which conserves the battery by switching off the thermometer when it is ling idle. This thermometer is user friendly and portable. The memory function of this thermometer is a useful thing as it helps it in recording the readings.
Digital Clinical Thermometer DT-101N

Digital Clinical Thermometer DT-101N
Item Code : B-15
Net Price : Rs 94
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Digital Clinical Thermometer DT-101N Features:
  • 100% safe (non mercury).
  • Fast result in 60 seconds (for oral and under arm).
  • Last reading memory display.
  • Measures actual temperature in °F.
  • Buzzer-beeps alarm when temperature reached.
  • Battery can be replaced.
  • Auto switch-off.
  • lightweight thermometer.

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