Thursday, 30 June 2016

Finger Splints to Protect Your Finger

A small injury to any of the fingers or the thumb can make you very uncomfortable. Therefore, wearing the right splint will help the finger heal faster and lessen your pain. GPC Medical a pioneering rehabilitation aid manufacturing company offers the best of the finger splints at the most reasonable pricing.Fingers are one of the most dexterous parts of the human body. Our fingers are constantly working, even as these words are being typed.

Types of Finger Splints

Mallet Finger Splint
Our Price : Rs 61
Mallet finger Specially design to support the dip joint in hyper- extension, while permitting unrestricted movement of the PIP joint. Designed to correct the mallet finger deformity.
  • Sleek and convenient.
  • Customizable dorsiflexion.
  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • One universal size.

Thumb Spica Splint
Our Price : Rs 166
Thumb Spica Splint supports the CMC joint and immobilize the MCP joint of the thumb without inhibiting hand movement.  Helps reduce pain and inflammation and prevents further thumb injury. 
  • Smart and sleek.
  • Breathable matrix.
  • Removable malleable splint.
  • Allows free movement of the hand.

Finger Extension Splint
Our Price : Rs 89
Finger Ext Splint supports, protects and immobilizes the metacarpals in case of fracture or injury. . Hook and loop bands ensure a snug fit and eliminates the need for taping. Can be customized to maintain the proximal phalange joint and MCP in flexion. Convenient application by just inserting the finger
  • Light weight.
  • Pleasing aesthetics.
  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • Hypo allergenic.
  • Inbuilt hook loop closures.

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