Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Thumb Spica Splint and its Benefits

Frog Finger Splint
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All you have to do is go online to see the many choices that are available for thumb splints and supports. Not to mention all the different splints you can pick up at the drugstore. ready made splints, splints for resting your thumb, splints to support your thumb. So how do you find the answer to type of splint is best for thumb.

While it really does depend on which thumb joints are affected and what the severity of the arthritis is, in general these are things you should be looking for in a Frog Finger Splint and in exercises for thumb.

Benefits of Thumb Spica Splint

  • This makes the splint a wonderful choice for this type of hand injury. The splint fits securely to the thumb portion of the hand. A multitude of thumb and wrist injuries would benefit from using the thumb spica splint.
  • The thumb splica splint also allows the person to utilize their hand to perform the normal activities of daily living. The patient will be able to do such things as open a door and hold a glass while the injury is healing.
  • The splint is attractive, easily malleable and removable. One can wear the thumb spica splint while sleeping and can also keep on for most of the day. The splints are constructed of breathable 3 layered PUF fused fabric.
    Spica Splint
    Our Price : Rs 166
  • The thumb spica splint is that it holds the thumb in place and keeps the thumb away from the palm of the hand. In addition, these thumb splint provides support and reduces the discomfort of the injury by stabilizing the hand.
  • The thumb spica splint is that it provides ample space to accommodate any hand swelling that may occur after the injury to the hand. This makes the splint a highly comfortable and lightweight alternative to the thumb spica cast, which is sometimes used for mild injuries of the thumb, such as in the cases of sprained thumbs.


A hand based splint that concentrates support at the base of your thumb is best when you have pain at the CMC joint. Look for a Spica Splint that supports or immobilizes the joint(s) that hurt. If the pain is mostly at the middle or MCP joint, look for a splint that holds or supports at that joint as well as at the CMC joint. If the pain is at the end joint, a “ring” style splint that supports this joint or helps hold it straight may be all that you need.

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