Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Tynor Mallet Finger Splint Best for Mallet Finger Fractures

Mallet finger is a common injury that usually occurs as a result of an athletic injury. The condition occurs when the outermost joint of the finger is injured. Mallet finger is the most common closed tendon injury. Mallet finger is also known as baseball finger, drop finger, or hammer finger.
Best Mallet Finger Splint
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With mallet finger, the tendon on the back of the finger is separated from the muscles it connects. There are three types of injuries that usually occu
r: the tendon is damaged, but no fractures (bone cracks or breaks) are present; the tendon ruptures with a small fracture caused by the force of the injury; or the tendon ruptures with a large fracture.

Mallet finger can be quite painful. However, people who suffer from the condition are usually still able to use their hand. The symptoms of mallet finger usually include pain, tenderness, and swelling at the outermost joint immediately after the injury, swelling and redness soon after the injury, and an inability to completely extend the finger while still being able to move it with help.

Treatment for mallet finger may include ice packs, elevation, pain medication, Best Mallet Finger Splint to hold the finger straight until it heals (about 6 weeks full time, then part time for up to 6 weeks more), finger exercises after the splint is removed, surgical repair of fractured bone using pins, pins and wire, or screws, surgery to tighten stretched tendon tissue or fuse the joint straight, or treatment for cuts or damage to skin or nail.

A sprain is an injury to a ligament. Ligaments are the connective tissues that connect bones to bones across a joint. These types of injuries are common in sports and falls. The Thumb Spica is jammed into another player, the ground, or the ball. The thumb may be bent in an extreme position, causing a sprain. The thumb will usually swell and may show bruising. It is usually very painful to move.

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