Monday, 4 July 2016

Shoulder Immobilizer- A Sling To Immobilize Injured Shoulder

Shoulder Immobilizer Sling is used to support and immobilise a sprained shoulder, or for post surgical support, and is a both comfortable and adjustable. It features and extra strap, which offers more stabilisation to the arm & shoulder.Shoulder immobilizers are Designed in 2 parts for easy & proper application- one is arm pouch and other is chest support. Chest support made of cotton with terry lining for increased comfort and Arm pouch with length adjustable shoulder straps ensures proper positioning of forearm Chest support part with hook loop Velcro straps provides proper immobilization of shoulder

Shoulder Immobilizer Sling is one of the most commonly used designs to immobilize and support the dislocated shoulder. This is also used in the fractures of clavicle bone and the shoulder joint where immobilization of the region is required .
Tynor Universal Shoulder Immobilizer
  • Our Price:Rs 411
Perfect immobilization.
Enhanced comfort.
Convenient application.
Wrinkle proof.

Tynor Universal Shoulder Immobilizer Features
Two piece design
Offers better immobilization.
Easy application and removal.

Made of 3 layered P.U. bonded fabric
Durable and non –tearable.
Plush looks.
Provides warmth.
Wrinkle free.
Soft to feel

A cast cover is designed to prevent the cast from water and dust. it is used for a comfortable and stressless shower. casts covers are available for leg cast and arm cast.

Tynor Leg Cast Cover is a reusable cast/bandage/wound protector, designed to provide water tight cover to the cast/bandage/wound and keep it dry during the shower or rain.
Automatic water seal.
Tynor Cast Cover Leg
  • Our Price:Rs 462
Easy pull on application.
No knots, no ties.
Anatomic design.
Free hand or foot movements.

Tynor Cast Cover Leg Features
Rubber Diaphragm
Expandable to accommodate any leg/cast size, provides water tight seal, ensures easy pull on application without tapes or straps.

Rigid ring
Offers a self-sealing mechanism and is easy to wear, remove and clean.

Transparent flexible body
Comfortably houses the arm/cast, is non porous and water tight but soft and flexible. It is durable, non sticky, light in weight, with pleasing aesthetics and ergonomic shape.

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