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Modern Recline Wheelchairs With Additional Features

A recline wheelchair is an armchair that reclines when the occupant lowers the chair's back and raises Its front. It has a backrest that can be tilted back, and often a footrest that may be extended by Means of a lever on the side of the chair, or may extend automatically when the back is reclined. Reclining wheelchair is also known as a recliner, lounger and an arm wheelchair. Modern recline Wheelchair often features an adjustable headrest, lumbar support and an independent footstool that Adjusts with the weight and angle of the user's legs to maximize comfort.

Karma Healthcare KM 5000 Wheelchair F24 is a highly versatile foldable aluminum transit Wheelchair especially designed with a reclining backrest that allows the carrier to continually adjust From a 90 degree sitting position to a more relaxed 163 degree resting position or any angle in Between.
Entirely detachable armrests enable the user to transfer safely & easily. Also, the elevating and Swing-away footrests allow users to adjust to the most comfortable position according to their Individual requirements.

Karma Reclining Wheelchair KM-5000 F24 Features
Backrest reclines smoothly from 90°-163°.
Karma Reclining Wheelchair KM-5000 F24
Our Price: Rs  27518
Detachable and height-adjustable headrest.
Attendant brake for extra safety.
Detachable armrest- Easy to transfer in and out of the chair.
Elevating footrest- Footrest angle can be adjusted to support the user’s legs while reclining.
Most comfortable RECLINING WHEELCHAIR (163°).
Ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame.
Bio-technology: paint coating uses special anti-Bacterial materials.
Detachable armrests and elevating footrests.
Foldable frame with anti-tippers.
Suitable for COMPLETE REST of your body.

Karma Reclining Wheelchair KM-5000 F24 Measurements
Model No.: KM-5000 F24
Width: 64 cm
F/R Wheels: 8" To 24"
Seat Width: 43 cm
Seat Length: 42 cm
Wheelchair Width: 64
Wheelchair Minimum Width:        37 cm
Armrest Height: 22 cm
Wheelchair Length: 122 cm
Seat Height from Ground:        51 cm
Back Height: 36 cm to 39 cm
Wheelchair Height: 93 cm to 129 cm
Wheelchair Weight: 20 kg.
Maximum User Weight:        115 kg.

Karma Fighter C Wheelchair series wheelchair is a very basic, no-frills, inexpensive wheel chair. A comfortable chair and the patient will be able to sit in the chair for hours at a time. It has Leather-like polyester fiber material for the bottom and back and a chrome plated metal frame and is Ideally suited for indoor use. It is an extremely comfortable chair and the patient will be able to sit In the chair for hours at a time without any discomfort.The overall width of the wheelchair is 25 Inches, so before buy this wheel chair, it should check the doors and passages in your house to ensure That they are over 25 inches wide. The seat width comes in two sizes – 16" and 18" and can take up to 100 in weight. The armrests are fixed while the footrests can be folded when required. However, the Footrests are not detachable.

We also provide Premium Wheelchair, Standard Wheelchair, Power Wheelchair, Ergonomic Wheelchair, Pediatric Wheelchair, Commode Chair, Walker, Elbow Crutch, Walking Stick and Adult Diapers at lowest Price in India. KARMA has been engaging in product research and design, so that we obtained hundreds Of patients on mobility, convenience and safety. Patients are also the display for a company who own Rich energies of product development.

Fighter C Wheelchair
Our Price: Rs  4750
Fighter C Wheelchair measurements
Frame Style :                                     Foldable
Frame Material :                                M.S.
Out to out width in open position :    26"
Seat Width (inches) :                         18"
Total width in closing position :        9"
Rear Wheel Size :                      24"
Front Wheel Size :                     8"
Seat to floor height (inches) :        19"
Seat Depth (inches) :                  16"
Back height (inches) :                 18"
Total height (inches) :                35"
Max User Weight Capacity (kgs) :       110
 Net Weight (kgs) :                    17.5 K.G.
Upholstery :                           BLACK cushion
Armrest :                              Fixed
Leg-rest :                             Fixed
Wheel Quality :                        SPOKE WHEEL WITH SOLID TYER
Rear Wheel Brack :                     Available

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