Saturday, 19 November 2016

Removable Splints for Broken Ankles

Vissco Ankle Traction Holder Fracture-Low Back Pain-Support Traction To The Lower Spine.In the event of an ankle injury, it is very important to support the foot until it heals completely. This is especially important while sleeping so that no un necessary movements strain the foot during the recovery process. The VISSCO Ankle Traction Holder helps to give grip and stability to the lower limb and keep it firmly and comfortably in a resting position with the help of a soft padding to hold the ankle.

Traction is often recommended by doctors to help straighten broken bones or relieve pressure on the spine & skeletal system. Vissco Ankle Traction Holder  helps reduce muscle spasms, regain normal length or reduce skeletal deformities. In most cases it is only one part of the treatment plan and often clubbed with bracing and other therapies.
Ankle Traction Holder
          Our Price : Rs 188

  • Made from durable cotton fabric with canvas reinforcement for comfort.
  • Lock fastening for convenience and firm restraint.

Effect : Designed primarily to support traction to the lower spine, ankle and lower leg.

How to use : Wrap it around your ankle with Velcro in such a way that the straps should come on both sides.

When to use : Hip or sacral injuries/Pain in hip or sacral region Femoral fracture Low back pain.

Shoulder Stabilizer: The shoulder is fascinatingly complex, but as a result it is also extremely injury prone. We can however further open ourselves up to problems through poor use in our daily lives. Shoulder Stabilizer could be used on the right or left shoulder, has a flexible strap system that permits individual adjustment and variable limitation of movement at the shoulder joint. Additional cushioning ensures ease of pressure around the neck region.
Vissco Shoulder Immobilizer
Our Price : Rs 314

Some common risk factors include :
  • Regularly sitting for prolonged periods
  • Typing on a smartphone, laptop or tablet with your head dropped down
  • Doing the same few repetitive motions (for example, carrying a bag on the same shoulder all the time) over and over again.
  • Only training or using your shoulder within a certain range leaving a huge expanse of soft tissue unworked
  • Shoulder injuries that have not been fully rehabbed

Stay out of trouble with shoulder stabilization : Anterior capsulolabral injury (Bankart lesion) is a common cause of anterior shoulder instability that is frequently treated with excellent outcomes. However, it is important not to miss associated pathology. Humeral avulsion of the glenohumeral ligament (HAGL), occurring in combination with a Bankart lesion, can present with similar findings to an isolated Bankart lesion, but if not recognized and treated will lead to recurrent instability.

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