Monday, 19 December 2016

Pediatric Safety Walkers for Disabled People

Walkers are special crutches used for temporary walking disability. Walkers are stable stool like structures which the person uses by putting full body support and then pushing the walker to next step. Can be used by amputees using artificial limbs, temporary ambulation with plaster casts. Light weight and sturdy anodized aluminum. With push button, length can be adjusted telescopically. Easy to open and close with center button. Foldable for storage and transportation. Steel cross brace provides extra rigidity. PVC hand grips for comfort.

The Kaye Posture Control Walkers are "C" frame walkers designed for large teenagers and adults who need support and positioning for proper alignment and posture when walking. This correction is provided by the posture control design, which helps the user to develop a more natural walking pattern. The Kaye Posture Pediatric Walkers can be used for users who weigh up to 250 lb. and are up to 6' 2" tall. The walkers can be folded easily for convenient transport and storage, and they are available with many useful accessories.
Pediatric Walkers
Our Price : Rs 1925

Pediatric Walkers Features
  • One button folding walker
  • 8 sections height adjustable
  • Light weight and easy to use and fold away smartly
  • With a push button, length can be adjusted telescopically.
  • Suction PVC bush for better grip on any surface
  • Easy to open and close with center button. 
  • PVC hand grip for better comfort

Product Benefits:
  • Fold for easier storage and transportation
  • Available in sizes fitting teens through adults
  • Designed to make walking less energy consuming
  • Improves alignment and maximizes potential for walking
  • Facilitate postural alignment, balance and components of gait

While special needs equipment, such as walkers, are usually associated with the elderly or infirm, there's a segment of young users who require specialized pediatric walkers. A walker for kids may be required as a gait trainer, or a safety roller with or without an integrated seat/harness or a glider walker used to give a child self-confidence as he/she is encouraged to take steps.

Karma Walker WK-51 or Deluxe Reciprocal Front Wheel Walker helps in adding stability to the walking process and also enhances the balance of the person who uses it. Particularly people who have osteoarthritis require mobility aids like walkers, canes, crutches and scooters to allow them to compensate for painful joints or joints with restricted motion range. Old age will never make you dependent on others, when you use Karma Walker WK-51. You can do anything and everything that you wish to do, while using this walker. It is a one button folding walker. It is easy to use. It has 8 height adjustable sections and comes in various colours.
Front Wheel Walker

Our Price : Rs 1975

Karma Walker WK 51 Features
  • Deluxe Reciprocal Folding Walker 
  • One button folding walker 
  • 8 sections height adjustable 
  • Height Length : 79.5-95 cm
  • Width 5" : caster 
  • Color: Silver, Bronze
  • Pediatric Model also available(WK 54P)

This is not my area of expertise, but I’m interested because 
of Gran’s story. I have her permission to share this story and the photos
she says she is happy to share, if it can help others. If any of you readers are working in this field, please comment and let me know if I have missed or misunderstood anything important about this issue!

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