Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Effect of Adjustable Walking Aids on Balance

Walking sticks are devices used by people who have difficulty in walking. They are very useful to those who have had a temporary injury or wound and find it difficult to walk on their own or by those who have had a permanent disability and need a support at all times. They are also preferred by a lot of elders who find it reassuring to walk with the help of a walking stick. There are several models available including the simple single cane, foldable sticks, 3 legged or tripod sticks, 4 legged or quadripod sticks, sticks with a seat attached etc. A wider base ensures better stability. The weight of the person is evenly distributed throughout the four legs. This will perfectly balance the person‘s steps giving greater support when compared to other models.

If the walking stick is solely for helping to keep the balance, then a standard wooden or aluminium stick is the most appropriate choice. Mobility Aids For Seniors are lightweight and offer an extra point of contact with the ground, giving a larger base of support for helping to keep the balance. On the other hand, if you need a walking cane to bear weight either for an injury, recovery from surgery, or to ease arthritic hip or knee pain then an offset cane will provide the stability you need. The offset handle allows you to lean more weight onto the cane’s shaft. For significant weight bearing, look for a quad cane. An offset quad cane provides four extra points of contact with the ground and can hold more weight than a single-point cane.

Adjustable sticks come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. People who are blind to certain colors can easily find a stick of a color of their choice. There are also sticks in neutral colors that can match any type of clothing, and are perfect for using in a corporate meeting, seminar, parties or even for
Adjustable Walking Sticks
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casual morning walks.

Adjustable Walking Sticks
Adjustable Offset Canes Provides support to Elders with mobility challenges. Walking stick with a variable height for user comfort for support to the elderly.

Adjustable Walking Sticks Features
  • Aluminium Walking Stick
  • Lightweight Aluminium
  • Height Adjustable ( 28-37 inches)
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Adjustable height to suit individual user requirements
  • L shaped handle for better grip

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