Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Types Of Wheelchair And Commode Wheelchair

A  Commode wheelchair is a type of chair with wheels designed for those persons who cannot walk due to illness, injury, or disability. It comes in variations some are propelled by motors and some propelled by the seated occupant turning the rear wheels by hands. The first wheelchair was invented by two friends Harry Jennings and Herbert Everest in 1933 which is used by Herbert Everest because his back was broken in an accident.  

Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 

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A commode wheelchair is used by that person who can't walk due to disability and they used these wheelchairs as for bathroom commode. These chairs are consists of a seat, foot rests, four wheels: two caster wheels at the front and two large wheels at the back, a toilet seat and lid, a pair of arms for support, a bucket for waste and a splash guard. These wheelchairs are usually made from steel materials and very lightweight.