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Store for Senior Citizens and Elders Products in India

Identifying and choosing the precise product (wheelchair) is a hard challenge, however choosing a durable Karma Fighter MAG Wheel Wheelchair is likewise something to preserve in thoughts when buying a wheelchair. there's some debate on the differences between a cheap wheelchair and an expensive wheelchair. it is actually very difficult To select the right and ideal product in the style of product.

most of the people do no longer remember the fabric of the wheelchair whilst buying a chair, it's miles important to match the proper frame fabric with needs. Pricing, sturdiness, and power vs weight are the common elements that separate one wheelchair from the subsequent. excessive-cease guide Basic Manual Wheelchair tend to be crafted from extra high-priced substances, together with aircraft grade aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber and Titanium long lasting Wheelchairs

these wheelchairs tend to be high-priced and rarely used for everyday use; this is because greater excessive quit Wheelchairs tend to be used for particular wishes consisting of wheelchair basketball, and strength Wheelchair racing. No The question that these are very durable wheelchairs, but they also have a tendency to be a sure niche, no longer four The common normal user.

Aluminum, durable Wheelchairs

Aluminum would be another form of cloth used in wheelchair frames. relying on the exceptional and The grade of the aluminum, these long-lasting wheelchairs can be used for ordinary use and generally tend to be The kind of cloth preferred via maximum wheelchair customers because they tend to be lightweight.

for instance, plane grade aluminum is utilized in wheelchair frames, the result is an alloy material that offers extraordinary mechanical characteristic, and are resistant to corrosion.

some other purpose for the distinction among cheap wheelchair and high-priced Karma power Wheelchair KP-10.3 is their Nature of manually shifting chair and some other is power wheelchair, which is more easy and handy to power and manages. energy wheelchair can go for some kilometers after charging. And manual wheelchair can't be ridden as it wishes more human electricity.

An expensive product which is also better satisfactory a good way to be more long-lasting as it made of high-quality uncooked cloth, by means of Which it is able to circulate effortlessly without any greater efforts. but in recent times there are absolutely higher alternatives on the market at low cost additionally.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Tips for Choosing the Right Wheelchair for Senior Citizens

Choosing the right wheelchair for senior citizens & the elderly is important as you want to be sure that they are comfortable and safe at all times. There are several different types of wheelchairs available, therefore family caregivers should know their options beforehand and consider the pros and cons of each type carefully so that they can choose the right one. If you have no idea what to look for, we at Carefect Home Care Services would like to offer some tips on how to choose the right wheelchair for your senior loved one.
Senior Citizen Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs are the most common choice for disabled seniors as they do not require someone to push the Senior Citizen Wheelchair around constantly, so seniors can get around on their own. Seniors who are in a wheelchair temporarily might prefer a manual wheelchair because they cost less, but power chairs are a better long-term solution. Power chairs are a good option for seniors because they are much faster than manual wheelchairs and they can be operated with much less energy than a manual wheelchair requires. Power chairs can get a bit pricey though, so it is important that your senior’s living environment and daily routine are considered before choosing a type of power chair and making the purchase.

Rear wheel Senior Citizen Power Wheelchair are a very common choice for seniors because they can achieve slightly higher speeds than other wheelchairs which makes them ideal for those who are still working and work in a fast-paced environment and need to get around quickly. Even seniors that are retired can enjoy this chair if they like to spend time with their family and want to be able to keep up easily. They are also less likely to tip over than some other types of wheelchairs are in extreme circumstances which is good because it keeps seniors from falling out and getting hurt. Rear wheel wheelchairs are also said to be sturdier than other chairs which means that they can be very durable and long-lasting.

Mid-wheel power chairs are also very common, and they are great for seniors that need to maneuver through small spaces. Mid-wheel power chairs have a much smaller turning radius than other chairs do, so this type of chair is ideal for seniors who live in apartments or smaller homes. Mid-wheel power chairs do have trouble going over bumpy terrain though because the front wheels often get stuck and prevent the middle wheels from touching the ground. Seniors who live in flat areas should not experience any problems with their chair, but seniors in rocky or bumpy areas might want to consider another type of wheelchair so that they will not have problems maneuvering their chair.
wheelchair for senior citizens

Portable wheelchairs are another great option for seniors and they are ideal for those who travel frequently. Portable wheelchairs are much lighter than other types of power chairs so that they can be easily lifted and loaded into the car for travel. Some brands even disassemble so that those who are still having trouble lifting the chair can take it apart and move it more easily. Seniors that live in nursing homes and do not travel frequently might prefer another chair such as a mid-wheel power chair that is easy to maneuver in smaller spaces, but those who still live at home and need to travel to visit family, go shopping or go to appointments might find that a portable power chair is best for them.

Family caregivers should carefully consider the pros and cons of each type of wheelchair before purchasing one for their loved one. If possible, family caregivers should offer their loved one to accompany them so that they can help choose their own wheelchair. Many wheelchairs come in different styles, and seniors might enjoy picking the style of their chair since they will be using it on a daily basis to get around.

Independence is important for a senior’s well-being and offering them to choose the style of their chair or accompany you when you purchase the chair gives them a sense of independence. This can be very important as many seniors feel that they are losing their independence since they have to rely on a wheelchair, but power wheelchairs allow seniors to get around on their own without needing someone to push them around all the time. As a family caregiver, it is important to remind your elderly loved one that you have carefully chosen their power chair so that they will be able to live their life like they used to and that they will still be able to have some independence.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Wheelchair Exercises for Elderly Seniors Citizens

Older seniors can benefit both mentally and physically from weekly exercise, especially those who are Senior Wheelchair bound.  Having limited mobility does not need to stop you from reaching your fitness goals. While many fitness routines for seniors utilize balls, bands and weights there are also simple routines where all you need is…you! Feel free to modify your routine by adding or subtracting various exercises, the important thing is that you are becoming more active. So now it’s time to turn up the tunes and get moving!
Senior Citizens Wheelchair
            Price RS 4793

Neck Rolls- Warm up your neck muscles by slowly moving your chin down towards your chest then over to your left shoulder and repeat 5 times. Next, roll your head to your right shoulder an additional 5 times. Keep pressure off of your spine by only rolling your head sideways and not to the back.

Shoulder Lifts- Slowly lift both shoulders straight up towards your ears and then back down. Repeat 5-10 times.

Arm Stretches- Extend your arms out in front of you and interlace your fingers. Sit up straight and keep arms stretched out in front of you. Keeping your hands clasped together, raise your arms as high as you comfortably can then slowly bring them back down. Repeat 5-10 times.

Side Twist- Slowly twist your body to the right and hold onto the side of your Senior Citizens Wheelchair with both hands. Make sure to turn your head with your body. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds. Repeat on opposite side.

Knee Lifts- Hold onto your wheelchair with both hands, one on each side. Slowly lift one knee up as high as you comfortably can and hold for 3 seconds then gently place your foot back on the floor by lowering your knee. Repeat 3-4 times then switch to your opposite knee.

Leg Circles- Raise your foot up and rotate your leg making small circles keeping your foot flexed. Continue circular motion for 10 seconds then repeat with opposite leg.

Front Foot Lifts- Lift your feet up off the ground while keeping your heels planted on the floor. repeat 5-10 times on each foot.

Heel Lifts- Keeping your toes pressed to the floor, lift your heels up off the ground and then back down 5-10 times.

Churn the Butter- Make two fists and place one on top of the other. Keeping this hand position, mime as if you are slowly churning a large bucket of butter clockwise in a circular motion. “Stir” for 5-10 seconds then repeat motion counter-clockwise for an additional 5-10 seconds.

Running Man- Quickly jog your feet barely lifting your feet off the ground. For higher intensity add arm movements as if you are running. Continue your seated jog for 5-10 seconds, take two slow deep breaths then repeat 3-4 times.

Swimmer- Using your arms, imitate the following swimming strokes 5-10 times each. You can also choose your own swimming strokes if you are not familiar with the names.
The Crawl/Freestyle

Seated Jumping Jacks- Open and close your arms and legs just as you would a traditional jumping jack. You can further modify by this exercise by doing just arms first and then legs. Try 3 sets of 5-10 jumping jacks.

Deep Breaths- Cool down with 5-10 long deep breathes. Breath in through your nose and slowly exhale out through your mouth.

Note: Stretching and exercise should never feel painful, listen to your body and start slow and easy with gradual progression. It’s always a good idea to ask your doctor before starting a physical program to find out if there is anything you should avoid, appropriate level of exertion and recommended frequency.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair Benefits

A lightweight Aluminum Wheelchair is easier to propel and maneuver than a standard mobility chair. This type of mobility chair is also easier to transport and store. Typically weighing 15 to 34 pounds, lightweight models are sometimes referred to as transport chairs and feature four small wheels or have two large wheels in the rear and two small wheels in the front.

 Available Types
  • Folding models are most popular for occasional use because the rear wheels can be removed, allowing the folded chair to be stored in very small spaces.
  • The most popular lightweight aluminum wheel chair model is the rigid wheelchair. Rigid mobility chairs are lighter than folding wheelchairs because they don’t feature the additional hardware and mechanisms that folding wheelchairs require.
  • The backrest of a rigid wheelchair folds for transport. Unlike folding wheelchairs, the middle of a rigid wheelchair does not fold.
  • Standard lightweight aluminum wheel chairs are made of aluminum but titanium is the material of choice for lightweight mobility aids. Titanium is not only a lighter metal, it is more durable and features built-in shock absorption. Titanium wheelchairs are available in both rigid and folding models and are more expensive than aluminum wheelchairs.
lightweight aluminum wheel chair

  • Some lightweight aluminum mobility chairs feature adjustable frames, which allow you to change the angle of the seat back to achieve several different seating positions.
  • Lightweight aluminum wheelchairs with desk-length armrests enable users to sit closer to a table or desk; while, full-length armrests provide complete support of the arms.
  • Most models come with removable swing-away footrests that enable easy transferring and provide leg support while the user is seated. Typically, swing-away footrests cannot be raised or lowered. Optional leg rests feature calf pads that provide support and elevate each leg to the desired position.

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Central India's Biggest Wheelchair Showroom in Indore

Central India's Biggest Wheelchair Showroom in Indore

Manish Steel Works Established in the Year 1982 by Mr. Kishore Kumar Batra, We Are Unique Well Renowned Largest Tricycle, Wheelchair, Power Wheelchairs, Handicapped Products Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We Have a Large Selection of Product in India to Help Our Customers Live a Pleasurable, Efficient Lifestyle Both Inside and Outside of Their Home.

The Company Is Now Forging Ahead in the Field Under the Leadership of Mr. Manish Batra. He Has Been Providing Innovative Solutions in Terms of Designing the Products So as to Supply Products That Are High in Quality and Comfort Level.

We Have 36 Years of Valuable Experience in Wheelchairs, Tricycles Manufacturing. A Complete Range of Product to Adult and Children, Use of Innovative Designing for Creating Better Products, Customized Product Manufacturing in India, the Experience of Supplying to Large Governments Bodies.

While Appearance Is Important to Most Wheelchair Users, Function and Comfort Is Still a Priority and There Have Been Huge Advances in Technology Since the 1982s Which Allow One to Choose a Wheelchair Which Will Be the Best Possible Combination of Function, Appearance, and Comfort for the Needs of the User.

We Offer Many High-quality Discount Wheelchairs, Shipped Free to Your Door. We Pledge to Never Stock Cheap, Poorly Made Wheelchairs. We at Manish Steel Works an Unbiased Resource, We Are Not Affiliated With Any Wheelchair Manufacturers or Wheelchair Distributors and We Sell Our Wheelchair Directly to Our Customer. is an India Based Online Handicapped Product Shopping Website Offers a Large Variety of Handicap Products and at Amazingly Low Prices. Avail Benefit of Latest Promotions on Wheelchairs, Tricycle, Hearing Aids, Walking Aids, Commode, Handicap Walker, Handicap Crutches, Handicap Sticks, Folding Commode, Cycle Rickshaw, Handicap Moped, Side Attachment, Wheelchair Accessories, Health Care and Other Items.

Address: 77-78, Bhagirathpura, Near Bharat Life Style Furniture, MR 4, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452003

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Get Hospital Wheelchairs in India at Affordable Prices

Have you ever imagined how mentally devastating it is for a person who owing to some accident or any other reason is suffering from some form or type of disability which has severely restricted his movement on his own feet? People with disabilities require a functional, durable, well-designed and well-fitted wheelchair for inclusion and participation in society. A good wheelchair facilitates movement and could be the first step towards the integration of disabled people with the society. Providing high-quality wheelchairs to people serve more than one purpose. They not enhance mobility, but also allow them to lead a normal life. Wheelchairs and seating are vital to the lives of many people with severe disabilities. 

Premium quality Hospital wheelchair manufactured and supplied by serving a lot of important purposes. Apart from allowing better mobility, they allow the patient to sit in a comfortable position which can help them carry out many routine tasks on their own.

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How to Choose a Commode Chair for Handicap and Disability Toilet?

So your doctor recommended you or a loved one get a commode chair following an injury or illness to help in your rehab and recovery. But what the heck is a commode chair? The definition of a commode chair is”a portable toilet that can be placed at the bedside of a patient whose activity is limited; these are often used in the home when the patient is too debilitated to reach the bathroom. The receptacle for waste can be removed and emptied.” While commode chairs are mostly used inside the bedroom there are a variety of different commodes such as 
  • Shower Commodes 
  • Portable Commodes 
  • Bariatric Commodes

Now that you know what a commode is how do you know which one is best for your individual situation? In this article will cover what a commode is, benefits of using a commode, and the different types of commodes.

Benefits of Using a Commode
A commode chair is designed to act as a second toilet for individuals who are recovering from an injury or illness and are unable to walk to the bathroom. By using a bedside commode during your recovery you lower your risk of falling and re-injuring yourself. A commode also makes it easier for caretakers to effectively care for there patients without having to transfer their patient all the way to the bathroom. In some instances, the existing bathroom’s doorway is to narrow for an individuals wheelchair to go through safely. In cases like these, a bedside commode is an affordable option compared to remolding the existing bathroom.

Different Kinds Of Commode Chairs

There are a variety of different commode chairs designed to accommodate every individual's needs. Before you purchase  a commode you should consider the following

Maximum weight capacity that the commode can hold
Shower Commodes

  • Seat Width
  • Do you need a commode with wheels?
  • How long will you be needing the commode?
  • Are you a caretaker?
  • Bariatric Commode

Bariatric Commode: Like all bariatric products a bariatric commode is designed to accommodate individuals that are over 3oo lbs. Unlike regular bedside commodes that can only accommodate up to 300 pounds, most bariatric commodes are designed for individuals up to 600lbs. Unlike traditional commodes that feature smaller seats, a bariatric commode features a wider seat that allows you to sit comfortably without feeling confined. Many bariatric commodes also come with a drop arm for easy transfer from a wheelchair or hospital bed.

Portable commode

Portable Commode: Portable commode chairs are designed to be easily maneuvered and pushed by a caretaker. Most portable commodes are lightweight and feature 4 wheels and can be easily pushed over a carpet, tile, and wood flooring.
Portable Commodes

Shower commode

Shower Commode: Designed to be used specifically in showers, shower commodes work as both a shower chair and a commode chair. Most shower commode chair are made out of lightweight rustproof aluminum, and waterproof material so that you do not have to worry about them deteriorating over time. In addition shower, commode chairs feature 4 wheels so that a caretaker can easily maneuver there a patient in and out of the shower.