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Tricycles Recommended for Handicapped People

People with bicycles in around the world the number into the billions. Bicycles provide economical transportation, are eco-friendly, and offer good exercise. The disabled have, until recently, been excluded from these benefits. In today's pedal power manufacturing arena, tricycles for handicapped people are becoming a worldwide possibility. Innovative ideas take each type of individual's abilities into consideration. Important factors for the handicapped are stability, comfort and control.
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One-Arm Steering

A tricycle for a handicapped person who has function in only one arm can use a circle bar for steering. The open frame design makes mounting and dismounting the tricycle much easier. The seat can swivel slightly between the rear two tires to make this even easier. Pedal function can be attached directly to the front wheel, or chain driven to the rear two tires which is more common. With a hitch attachment and a wagon, children can even travel with their handicapped parents.Buy  Tricycle for handicapped and disabled at lowest price and cheap cost in india from wheelchair india online shopping store of Tricycle manufacturer, distributor, dealer and supplier of variety of Tricycles at low Handicap Tricycle Price  in india  for handicapped.

Pedal Steering

Tricycles for persons without the use of their arms have the ability to pedal normally and steer with their knees, or by mastering the use of turning using the pedals. This particular configuration can also add pedal function to the front or rear wheels, with the steering being done with knees on the front wheel. Rear wheel pedaling does not allow for pedal steering. The open frame design again allows for the person to mount and dismount the cycle easily.

Hand Pedaling and Steering
A person without the use of either of their legs can obtain a tricycle that allows the pedal to be positioned at the handle bar. The pedal action is chain driven to the front or rear wheels, and the steering is almost identical to the normal tricycle steering by using the pedal handles. Some of these models will allow the seat to slide forward and sideways, so the open frame design allows transfer from the tricycle to a wheel chair, chair or automobile.


These tricycles have the person positioned well in between the rear wheels, with the handle bar being positioned far back from the front wheel for easy access to the rider. The recumbent cycle is well suited for those with back issues who need the added support of a seat back. Pedal power is almost always to the rear tires, and the handle bar will rise out of the way for mounting and dismounting the open frame design.
Recumbent Pedal Steering

Recumbent pedal steering is actually performed by the knees leaning left and right. Stability in a recumbent cycle is extremely good due to the position of the person down between the rear wheels. Comfort can be increased for individuals with back issues due to seats being designed for both back and head support.
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Recumbent Hand Pedaling Steering

The recumbent hand pedaling and steering cycle follows much of the design as the upright hand pedal steering cycle. This model can be adapted to both front or real wheel pedaling while the steering is connected to only the front wheel. Stability, comfort, mounting and dismounting with the pedal-handlebar being able to lay to the side or up out of the way allows, for many handicapped persons, the options of most any other tricycle.

Duel Person Tricycles

Should a handicapped person have a handicapped partner to travel with, there are even tricycles made for two people. One person having the ability to steer while the other pedals. These are normally made for each person to be sitting side by side between the rear wheels.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

A Success Story Of Help Handicapped

He loss of a foot or limb due to landmine explosions or any disease is a major tragedy for any human being and to come to terms with this loss of a part of the body is not only a very traumatic experience but also fraught with dire economic consequences.

A financially independent person suddenly realizes that he or she is totally at the mercy of relatives and friends and unable to indulge in any income generating activity. Prospects of poverty loom large over the horizon and this mental anguish coupled with the physical injury can wreck many a life.Buy online Handicapped Tricycle  and disabled at lowest price and cheap cost in india from wheelchair india online shopping store of Tricycle manufacturer, distributor, dealer and supplier of variety of Tricycles at low price in india  for handicapped

Rehabilitation of such individuals is of prime importance and it is here that Help Handicapped International (HHI) plays a pivotal role especially in conflict areas where the number of landmine amputees is large.

HHI is a registered charity working for the welfare of the physically handicapped and an NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC.

HHI specializes in fitting the Jaipur Foot prosthetic-an artificial limb developed in India and the most preferred in Asia and Africa because of the following factors:
(i) It is light in weight
(ii) It is fast and easy to fabricate. Since its manufacturing takes only a few hours the patient who comes to the centre in the morning can walk out on his own artificial limb by evening.
(iii) It is very cost effective.
(iv) It facilitates cycling, walking bare foot and squatting-all tasks essential to lead a near normal life in these continents.

Post fitment the patient undergoes physiotherapy sessions to become accustomed to the artificial limb. He or she is also explained about some simple exercises that could be carried out at home as well as some tips on the proper use and maintenance of the prosthetic.

HHI has been organizing camps for fitting of Jaipur Foot prosthetics to landmine and other amputees in Afghanistan, Sudan, Burundi and Kenya. The last three countries now have a permanent centre for this activity and thousands of handicapped have availed of the facilities. Two camps have been organized at Kabul in Afghanistan where over 1000 amputees have been rehabilitated.
In association with other organizations HHI has also undertaken similar activities in the Dominican Republic and Honduras.
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HHI is also helping its associate trust-Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust-to organize Mobility Camps for the handicapped at several locations in India. These camps offer free fitting of Jaipur Foot to amputees, Callipers to polio affected children as well as free distribution of Tricycles, Wheelchairs and Crutches. Over 50,000 handicapped have benefitted from these camps during the last three years.

HHI’s success story is unique because at first glance its activities might seem to be not even distantly connected with the theme of the Annual Ministerial Review of 2007 which is Strengthening efforts to eradicate poverty and hunger, including through the global partnership for development.
However, it must be emphasized that hunger and poverty can be temporarily eradicated by handing out a dole. However, any sustainable and effective eradication program necessitates creation of an income generating avenue for the beneficiary and this is what HHI is trying to do by rehabilitating the handicapped and making them physically able to continue with their profession. It is an indirect route to attaining the desired goal but nevertheless permanent in nature as well more dignified and socially acceptable.

In fact HHI has gone a step further by co-ordinating the fabrication of special purpose vending machines based on the tricycle-a three wheeler cycle very popular in Asia. An amputee can use this custom built cycle as a mobile vendor of day to day necessities and thus become economically independent in spite of his handicap.
Unfortunately the number of landmine amputees in the conflict areas of the world is so huge that to rehabilitate all of them is a daunting task calling for time, efforts and above all resources.

Help Handicapped International is fully committed to the cause and realizes that its success story would not have a happy ending till a majority of our unfortunate physically challenged brethren are put on the road to economic salvation.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Wheelchair Ergonomics


Wheelchairs provide variable mobility to people with various physical disabilities. There are four major types of wheelchairs: indoor, outdoor, combined and special. Ergonomics, or design of equipment to prevent injury, considers all physical and anatomical limitations of the users. Occupational therapists perform ergonomic assessments to evaluate proper wheelchair fit for each individual client. A complete assessment may prevent future injury, and improve mobility.Buy online Ergonomic Wheelchair  for handicapped and disabled at lowest price and cheap cost in india from wheelchair india online shopping store.


The width of the wheelchair seat is based on the users’ widest point, usually the hips or thighs. If shoulders are wide, consider the shoulder width when choosing a seat width. A too-wide seat leads to difficulty in mobility, inadequate support and discomfort. A narrow seat contributes to pressure sores, inadequate support and discomfort. It is important to have an exact measurement of the seat width for optimal mobility and environmental accessibility.


The seat depth is measured from the back of the pelvis to the back of the knee. Users with one leg longer than the other require both legs measured. Also, make sure the user is in a proper posture prior to all measurements. Subtract 1 to 2 inches from the measurements for optimal comfort.


The distance of the seat from the floor needs to consider a ground clearance of foot rests at 2 to 3 inches. When using a seat cushion, its thickness needs to be considered in this measurement. Also, drop hooks lengths need to be subtracted. It is important to have knees at 90 degrees when the feet are placed on the ground.Buy online Ergonomic Wheelchair for handicapped and disabled at lowest price and cheap cost in india from wheelchair india online shopping store of Ergonomic Wheelchair manufacturer, dealer and supplier of variety of karma Ergonomic Wheelchair  at low price in india

Tilting the back of the wheelchair seat down towards the floor provides multiple benefits. It assists gravity with positioning, improves vision, improves stability, and trunk control, while increasing comfort. The tilt is accomplished by decreasing rear wheel size, or increasing the front castor.


The back height of the wheelchair is measured from the top of the seat cushion to the top of the back support cloth. Occupational therapists assess the height of the user, their balance needs, and their need for support in relation to the wheelchair. If the back height is too high a user will have limited arm and shoulder mobility. If the height is too low, the user has inadequate support resulting in fatigue and sliding. The therapists will use five anatomical landmarks for these measurements, depending on the condition of the user. Also, proper seat to back angle needs evaluation.


The footrest settings must accommodate the length of the users’ legs. A measurement is taken from the back of the knee to the heel. Shoes should be worn during the measuring. The thickness of the cushion is subtracted from this measurement. If the footrest length is high it leads to pelvic pressure, hip rotation and discomfort. Too low footrests result in thigh pressure, hip rotation and sliding. Also, footrest angles usually sit at 60, 70 or 90 degrees. Pediatric users find 90 degrees helpful.

Armrest height is measured from the seat surface, or cushion, to the elbow. During measurements the elbow is flexed at 90 degrees, the arms are comfortable at the sides, while the shoulders remain relaxed. Armrest width should accommodate the environment and assist in transfers to and from the wheelchair. 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Basic Wheelchair Information

Instruction for Wheelchair User
  • Seat width and depth
If the chair is too big or too small it will be difficult to use and uncomfortable.
  • Pelvic (hip) position and support
If your hips are not positioned well, it might be hard to use your arms and it could make you tired. Basically, your hips are the base of your support when you are sitting, it is important to know if they are straight or if one side is higher than the other.
  • Cushion
A VERY important part of the wheelchair! You need to feel stable and have a cushion that will decrease the possibility of a pressure sore. Ideally, the clinic will pressure map you sitting on the cushion.
  • Leg support
Footrest angle, leg rest length, foot support – it is important your feet are aligned well so you have as much support to sit up as well as possible. You can what feels most supportive.Buy online Basic Wheelchair for handicapped and disabled at lowest price and cheap cost in india from wheelchair india online shopping store of  Basic Wheelchair  manufacturer, distributor, dealer and supplier of variety of Karma Basic Wheelchair at low price in india
  • Appropriate trunk support
The back support of the wheelchair will help you stay upright and increase your endurance. Just like a good seat in a car, if it is comfortable and you are able to move as freely as possible and have the support you need, you can drive longer and be more alert.
  • Back support
You might want a low back or a high back. A low back will give you more room to move your arms, but has less back support. A high back will provide support, but might limit your arm movement.
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  • Chest support
Lateral supports (supports the side of your chest) or chest strap (a strap on your chest if you are worried you will fall forward). These features help you keep your balance when leaning forward, or to the side.
  • Headrest
You might want a head support if you feel it gives you the necessary support while driving your chair or if your wheelchair seat is able to tilt back.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wheelchair Safety With Power Wheelchairs

Folding Lightweight Wheelchairs

For indoor wheelchair safety the folding power wheelchair models that are lightweight have front casters which turn easily, making them ideal for use in small apartments. Having the casters in front makes this a dangerous chair to use outdoors as the front wheels can turn sharply if encountering a crack in the sidewalk, incline, or rocks.Wheelchair india is manufacturer, supplier, distributor and dealer of Karma KP 10.2 Power Wheelchair for disabled and handicapped in india.

They usually have one or two removable batteries and have a similar appearance as the manual wheelchair. They can be controlled with a joystick or a sip and puff method.
Lightweight Power Assisted Wheelchairs

These chairs can be propelled in a similar manner as the manual wheelchair or use a battery. You may want this type if you want to keep fit and get some exercise but need some power when going up an incline or when traveling a distance. They are smaller and lighter weight than the folding wheelchair and have smaller batteries and motors.

Dual Purpose Power Wheelchairs

These chairs generally are good for either indoor or outdoor use. You need to have larger wheels in front for outdoors as this is a safety feature. It is better to have six wheels for stability when traveling outdoors.

These indoor/outdoor power chairs compromise wheelchair safety and perform poorly when you do not have enough room to turn indoors and you need to travel over rough ground and uneven surfaces.

Their optimum performance indoors is when you have wider doors and hallways in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or homes/apartments. Ideal outdoor surfaces in urban and suburban areas would include sidewalks and paved areas.

Outdoor Power Wheelchairs

These chairs weigh as much as 400-500 pounds, add the weight of the user up to 250 pounds and the total weight is approximately 650 pounds. They are very efficient outdoors with their rear wheels they can safely climb up to 40% grades and curbs.

The wheelchair safety for steering comes from the rear wheel dolly or by braking with one front wheel and turning with the other. Some options include elevating seats, back/headrests and leg rests. Due to their weight, should they require maintenance, a tow truck may need to be called.
Indoor Stair Climbing Power Chairs

The past 30 years has produced some stair climbing wheelchairs. Liability insurance has prohibited some manufacturers from pursuing the development of this type of power mobility device. Users are at a high risk of serious injury or death if they occupy the wheelchair while climbing stairs. Others in the area are also at risk for injury or death.

There are several things to consider before you are purchase a stair climbing power chair. A few of the most important factors include the strength to control the manual controls to turn or brake quickly. Your vision needs to be clear enough to see defects or objects on the stairs that would cause an accident. You should be able to understand the dynamics of how the power chair climbs the stairs.

Other considerations include using familiar versus unfamiliar stairs on a regular basis, keeping the stairs/steps clutter free and training from a professional. Who will climb the stairs first...the therapist, engineer, user?

Wheelchair Controls

Most power chairs are controlled by the user without the use of computers, etc. The wheelchair safety of this operation is dependent upon the quick reaction and alertness of the user to recognize dangerous situations. A young, healthy, alert paraplegic with good upper body strength is at less risk for injury than an older powerchair user who is weak and has decreased reaction time.

Factor out the cost of the computer system that responds and can be programmed to recall different terrains, stairs, etc. it is generally recommended to have this feature on your power chair. Theoretically it is ideal, however, reality says there is always the possibility of it failing at a critical time. You should consult your power mobility trainer, therapist or physician for the best recommendations for you.

Arm Stabilization

It is important to provide good support for your arms, not only for posture, but for the safe operation and control of your power scooter or wheelchair. There are several styles of arm supports systems that can be installed depending upon your specific need. Ask your power wheelchair professional what would be best for you.

Wheelchair Brake Systems

Critical to wheelchair safety is knowing your brake system. Manual braking systems can be configured and installed on all power wheelchairs or scooters. Be sure that you or the user can operate them efficiently should the need arise. Most joy sticks move the power chairs forward, backward, turning left and right and when released the power chair stops or brakes.

Ask your power wheelchair vendor about manual or mechanical brakes. Dynamic brakes do not lock the wheels of your chair or keep it from rolling down a steep incline. For quadriplegics unable to use the standard manual brakes, a user controlled small electric motor can be installed.

Power Wheelchair Brake Systems

A safety shut off should be installed for the person using other methods of control than the typical hand control. The normal user can control the movement and braking system with hands.

The quadriplegic should have special shut off controls that have electronic sensors that detect when the chair is out of control and can immediately “shut off” or stop the power wheelchair. Again, being persistent and getting these wheelchair safety features installed is only to your benefit.

Wheel Safety

Power wheelchairs used outdoors should have powered large wheels in front, never a caster style wheel that can get caught in cracks or uneven surfaces. Caster wheels in front are best used on indoor chairs and when outside on smooth, solid surfaces. Front caster wheels are designed for improved maneuverability indoors.

Wheelchair Safety With Disabilities

For optimum wheelchair safety you should have a seatbelt fastened around your waist and around your chest. As with all belts the user should be able to quickly release in case of an emergency.
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Healthy, fit, active paraplegics are at the lowest risk of injury when operating a manual or power wheelchair.

Amputees with missing arms or legs are a low risk if they have good upper body control and strength and the wheelchair is set up for their individual needs.

Individuals with Parkinson's Disease, Cerebral Palsy, or Multiple Sclerosis are at a mild to moderate risk depending upon the advancement of the disease. These individuals tend to have decreased strength and motor control. An assessment for wheelchair safety is recommended.

Those individuals with very little upper body movement, using specialized systems such as sip and puff and or-gyroscopic (inertia) wheelchair controls are a high risk. Paralyzed children and adults, as well as very small adults requiring specialized seating most often use power wheelchairs and are high risk for injury. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Benefit Of Power Wheelchair

Power mobility allows people to move within their home and community and it can help maximize independence for those with limited mobility. The two main types of power mobility available are in the form of electric scooters or power wheelchairs. The choice to use either an electric scooter versus an electric wheelchair depends on the users' needs and abilities. Knowing some of the benefits of power wheelchairs can help you also May know Power Wheelchair Cost for handicapped and disabled at lowest price and cheap cost in india from wheelchair india online shopping store of Power Wheelchair manufacturer, distributor, dealer and supplier of variety of Karma Power Wheelchair.

1.Seating Options
Power wheelchairs are customizable and have more options for seating. For users who require positioning devices for trunk control and stability, a power wheelchair can be customized with seat and back cushions with many positioning features. Power wheelchairs also have options for electric tilt and recline, which are features that can be beneficial for people who have limited ability to reposition themselves in the wheelchair. Tilt and recline features provide comfort and pressure relief from sitting for long periods of time.

2.Travel Distance
Both electric wheelchairs and electric scooters allow a person to travel for long distances. This is an important benefit for people with limited mobility as it provides opportunity to go farther in their community than they might in a manual wheelchair.
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3.Energy Conservation
Using a power wheelchair can be beneficial for conserving a person's energy. This is especially important for people with disabilities, such as multiple sclerosis or post polio syndrome. A power wheelchair can allow people to be mobile within their home or community without expending a lot of muscle work and energy. This, in turn, can benefit people by allowing them to conserve their energy for other activities important to them.

4.Space Conservation
A main difference between a power wheelchair and electric scooter is the turning radius. Power wheelchairs typically have a smaller turning radius, which means that they are more maneuverable in small spaces. Power wheelchairs also have more options with center wheel drives or front wheel drives for a small turning radius in tight spaces.

5.Variety of Terrain
Power wheelchairs also offer the benefit of traveling over a variety of terrain through the options of tire types and wheel positions. The most popular position for wheels in power wheelchairs are rear wheel drive, where the large wheel is in the back and the smaller casters are in front, which provides stability in driving both indoor and outdoor. Alternatively, center wheel drives or front wheel drives, where the large wheels are placed in the center or the front of the power wheelchair change the center of gravity for the wheelchair and can help in maneuvering over obstacles and curbs.
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    Karma KP 10.3 Power Wheelchair

    Ergonomic seat system provides comfortable seating
    Tool-free disassembled into 3 parts 
    Quick-release battery pack
            Washable upholstery
            Height adjustable and flip back armrest
            2-level adjustable back angle

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    Benefit Of Ergonomic Wheelchair

    Ergonomics: Benefits of Active Sitting for the Able-bodied
    The field of ergonomics, in particular that of office furniture, now offers various active sitting products that enable different kinds of movement: forward and backward, lateral (side to side), 360 degree wobble, etc. It is important to note that the ergonomic research also indicates that - although movement is necessary - it is not enough.

    All movements are not the same; there are movements to be avoided. For example, movement that alternates between different awkward sitting postures that repeatedly load the same joints will provide little benefit.Buy online Ergonomic Wheelchair for handicapped and disabled at lowest price and cheap cost in india from wheelchair india online shopping store of Ergonomic Wheelchair manufacturer, distributor, dealer and supplier of variety of karma Ergonomic Wheelchair at low price in india The benefits of active sitting are understood to occur with movements through a graded range of centered and symmetrical postures.
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    The active and controlled postural positions in sitting are believed to activate and strengthen muscles in the back and core area,to relieve the static loads acting on joints, ligaments, and tendons, and to promote circulation for elimination of waste products. Thus, a dynamic, ergonomic sitting position is believed to lead to improved posture, core stability, and circulation.

    Although extensive research in the field of ergonomics and active sitting is yet to become widely available, the logical benefits are easily extrapolated. The pelvis is tilted more forward in active sitting, and this pelvic position situates the spine for proper alignment and postural health.Since the individual is able to move in a controlled manner during active sitting, the body will strengthen postural muscles to maintain balance.

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    This conditioning of the core muscles of the spine and trunk may significantly aid in preventing back pain. In turn, it is understood that movement lubricates and nourishes the spinal joints and intervertebral discs, keeping skeletal joints flexible and healthy.Many age-related changes in spinal joints are likely due to a lack of proper nourishment and motion. With postural stabilization in sitting and reaching, the leg and calf muscles are activated.

    When the muscles of the lower extremities work lightly, as during active sitting, the resulting regular pumping action stimulates the return of lymphatic fluid, and minimizes lower leg edema and swollen ankles.Since movement allows blood to flow freely from the lower extremities, this improved circulation can reduce the risk of the development of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) while seated. 
    Meanwhile, overall bodily movement may "shake out" muscle tension and stress that can build up in the neck, shoulders, or jaw during prolonged sitting postures. It is even thought that movement while sitting might improve focus and alertness because of the sensory and vestibular input.

    Sunday, 23 November 2014

    Benefit Of Heavy Duty Wheelchair

    There are many ways in which a person with disabilities and physical mobility issues can get from A to B in this day and age. But bay far the most common method of personal transportation is the humble wheel chair. They come in many different designs as well as sizes, with light, heavy or medium weighted devices available for specific uses and to cater for the individual needs of the user.

    So in this News we'll take a brief look at Heavy Duty Wheelchair  and where they are needed most. This is not an in-depth look, but just an overview with a view to expanding upon this subject at a later date.

    Of course the obvious use for heavy duty wheelchairs are for those users who have become very overweight or obese. This often happens directly due to the lack of exercise that their conditions bring about as it is sometimes simply not possible to engage in any form of meaningful exercise depending upon the severity of the physical handicap suffered by the user.

    In this case, then a heavy chassis and running gear are needed to cope with the extra weight of the user so that they can still get about in safety and comfort that the more lightweight wheelchairs would not be able to fulfill sufficiently.
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    The additional bracing and strengthening that is needed for these types of chairs comes with the trade off that they are in themselves much heavier than regular or lightweight models and are therefore that much more difficult to push around. For this reason, the fitter and stronger helpers are required to assist for safety reasons.

    In some cases, when a wheelchair user needs a heavy duty version, the better option is to go for a motorized wheelchair. These devices are built to take the extra weight in their stride while negating the need for a helper and providing freedom and a modicum of additional dignity for the user.

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    Saturday, 22 November 2014

    Motivating Story Of Physically Challenged

    How does a person feel when he lost his eyes in an accident or when one of his legs amputated? Would he feel like to end his life to escape from the crises or try to face all the problems that come on his way?
    According to the statistics more than one million people in the world commit suicide per year and over thirty thousand of these are said to be from the United States.

    Why these people commit suicide? What demoralize them? The surveys says that people commit suicide for different reasons in which most common are financial problems, relationship problems, bullying and stress of work.
    These people are trapped in depression and make up their mind that things will never get better, and none can improve the situation. G. B. Shaw said, “Sometimes, people get attached to their burdens more than the burdens are attached to them.”
    Life gets tough
    We all just have to admit that life can sometimes get tough!
    Our health may sometimes suffer, family demands demoralize, daily traumas build up and work strains speed up, but it doesn’t mean to feel that the life isn’t worth living. In such situation, we need a dose of inspiration that makes us feel good.Buy online wheelchair for handicapped and disabled at lowest Wheelchair Price  and cheap cost in india from wheelchair india online shopping.

    Inspiration brings positive signs and heightens our creativity. In times of insecurity, remind yourself of those who overcame bodily limitations and various obstructions.

    Finding inspiration
    Here are six inspirational stories of people who, in spite of their physical limitations, participated fully in all aspects of the society. These differently-abled people (I don’t like to say them disable) are not only inspirational to other people having physical problems; but equally inspirational to those of us who feel life is worthless and give up trying when the obstacles come on our way.

    One of the world’s best-known overachiever Stephen Hawking who suffers from Motor Neuron Disease became Cambridge’s first Gravitational Physics Professor and received the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics Award at age 35. He has written a best-selling book which was later made into a film called A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes.

    A legally blind marathon runner, Marla Runyan became three time national champion in the women’s 5000 meters. In 1992 summer Olympics, she won four gold medals and in 2000 she became the first legally blind Paralympian to compete in the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. She co-wrote and released her autobiography, No Finish Line: My Life As I See It in 2001.

    Despite amputation of one leg, Sudha Chandran has become the most talented and acclaimed classical dancer of India. She met with an accident when returning from Mumbai to Chennai resulting in the amputation of her right leg. She was given an artificial leg and in spite of this dreadful disability she established herself in the film line and got a status as a world-class dancer.

    videoAn Israeli-American, Itzhak Perlman is a renowned violinist, conductor and teacher who contracted Polio at age four. He uses crutches or an electric wheelchair and plays the violin while seated. He is best known for playing and recording the classical music. He has also played jazz along with the soloists Oscar Peterson and klezmer in their album. In 2000, he received the National Medal of Arts from President Clinton.
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    Helen Keller was an American prolific author, political activist and lecturer who was the first deaf, mute and blind person honored with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her teacher Annie Sullivan motivated her to study and helped her to communicate by spelling words into her hand. Helen was born a normal child but at age of 19 months, she got brain fever, leaving her totally deaf and blind. Keller campaigned for women’s suffrage, civil liberties, and communism, as well as many other noble causes.

    Jean-Dominique Bauby who was a French journalist, author and editor of the renowned fashion magazine ‘Elle’ experienced Locked-in Syndrome after suffered from a massive stroke but he never admitted defeat. Locked-in Syndrome is a neurological disorder that leaves the body paralyzed from head to toe even though the mind is left unharmed. He was completely speechless but he could blink his left eye and that all he needed to write a book. Despite of this condition he wrote a book ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ and died two days after the publication of the book.

    The people are a few of incredible personalities who have achieved success despite of their physical limitations. These genuinely gutsy people are a great source of inspiration for everyone who worries due to the problems of life and have proved that nothing is impossible when you have the willpower to do it.
    At the end, I would like to say anyone who lose all hope and think this is the end should understand that it is just a bend not the end and have faith on God, he will show you the way.

    Friday, 21 November 2014

    Types Of Cerebral Palsy

    Types of CP Associated With Muscle Tone

    Cerebral palsy comes in several types, which may be associated with muscle tone or specific body parts. Those associated with muscle tone include: spastic CP, where abnormally high muscle tone causes problems with movement, usually in the legs and hips; ataxia, which is marked by involuntary muscle movements; athetoid,Buy Wheelchair Cerebral Palsy Child  Wheelchair Online Shopping, CP 2 Pediatric Wheelchair Price, CP 2 Pediatric Wheelchair For Sale, CP 2 Pediatric Wheelchair For handicap which prevents sufferers from maintaining a fixed muscle position (for example, grasping and holding); and mixed, where symptoms of both spastic and athetoid CP occur.

    Cerebral Palsy: Hope Through Research: Detailed information from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, including facts on the causes, risk factors, warning signs, and types of CP.

    Definitions and Accommodations for Cerebral Palsy: Information on the types of CP and how to accommodate and interact with severe sufferers. From Kentucky’s Office for the Americans With Disabilities Act.

    United Cerebral Palsy Association: Nonprofit organization that offers a nationwide network of affiliates aimed at expanding the rights, freedoms, and opportunities of those with cerebral palsy.

    Health Encyclopedia: Cerebral Palsy: Facts on the types, causes, prevalence, and accommodations related to cerebral palsy. Provided by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.

    Cost of Cerebral Palsy: Information on the human and economic impact of cerebral palsy, presented in the form of an academic report composed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

    Types of CP Associated With Body Parts

    Certain types of cerebral palsy are associated with specific body parts rather than with the general condition of the muscular system. Wheelchair india is manufacturer, supplier, distributor and dealer of CP Wheelchair for disabled and handicapped in india, These types include: quadriplegia, in which all four limbs suffer severe motor dysfunction and a general inability to work together; hemiplegia, in which the limbs on one side of the body are severely affected, with the impact more pronounced in the digits; and diplegia, which causes problems with muscle development, balance, and coordination in both legs.
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    Cerebral Palsy Syndromes: Detailed “manual” of information about the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral palsy, including rarer forms of the disorder.

    National Organization for Rare Disorders: Information and a large compendium of quality Internet resources for sufferers of cerebral palsy and other movement disorders.

    PubMed Calculated Links: Publicly-accessible database of published scholarly research on cerebral palsy, from a database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

    Hemi-Kids: Support group for parents with children suffering from hemiplegia and hemiplegic cerebral palsy.

    Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association: Another, similar nonprofit organization focusing on support for youth hemiplegia.

    Living with Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral palsy can create severe problems that persist throughout the sufferer’s day-to-day life. Many cases of CP involve at least some involuntary movement that can disrupt normal activities. Others involve a persistent lack of muscle control that makes walking, standing, or manipulating objects difficult or impossible. Those with CP may have problems talking, eating, or breathing. They may also have learning impairments, seizures, or other major neurological problems. Those with the most serious cases of CP require intensive, lifelong medical attention, and cannot effectively care for themselves independently due to cognitive disruptions or reliance on medical equipment.

    KidsHealth: Cerebral Palsy: Information on coping with cerebral palsy aimed at children.

    Cerebral Palsy Family Network: Information on living with CP and networking with other sufferers and their families. Aimed at parents and planning long-term care for children with severe CP.

    Living With Cerebral Palsy at NOAH: Verified Internet resources about dealing with CP complications at various stages of life. From New York Online Access to Health, a nonprofit information service.

    Whispers of Hope: Living With CP: Even more electronic resources for networking and overcoming life challenges related to cerebral palsy.

    Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center: CP: Information focused on potential accommodations for various forms of CP in a classroom environment.


    There is a vast and growing body of products aimed at restoring independence and fullness of life to sufferers of CP. Wheelchairs are available that can accommodate the needs of a wide variety of CP patients; walkers, canes, and other assistive devices are also available. For those with impaired fine motor control, small objects such as pencils and silverware have been designed in accessible forms. Patients who are unable to speak may use communication devices that interpret the movements of the throat or the input of a small keyboard in order to create recognizable vocalizations – much in the same way as noted physicist Stephen Hawking. For all of the daily challenges associated with CP, in whatever form, some assistive measure exists or is being researched.

    Cerebral Palsy Association of British Columbia: Detailed Frequently Asked Questions sheet including information on assistive technology.

    Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy: Information packet that covers a variety of topics related to all aspects of living with CP.

    New Horizons Un-Limited: Resource page focusing entirely on adaptive equipment for various issues often associated with CP.

    Cerebral Palsy Accessories and Equipment: Impartial, nonprofit review website for all categories of assistive equipment related to the lives of CP sufferers.


    Those with cerebral palsy can benefit from several kinds of therapy. Physical therapy focuses on helping patients attain greater muscle control, coordination, and balance through basic physical tasks. Using physical therapy, it may be possible to enhance a CP patient’s ability to walk or balance. Speech therapy is used to overcome problems with enunciation, including secondary issues such as lisping. Occupational therapy focuses on the improvement of cognitive function through a variety of simple tasks, and recreational therapy contributes to the development of social and independent living skills in recreational environments.

    Center for Cerebral Palsy Spasticity: Information on treatment and the latest research from an advanced medical center at the Children’s Hospital of St. Louis.

    Cerebral Palsy Guide for Care: Excerpt from an extremely detailed medical analysis (much of which is available on the same site) focusing on diagnosis and care for those with CP. Somewhat technical but extremely thorough.

    Cerebral Palsy Treatment Overview: One portion of an extremely comprehensive guide from the University of California, San Diego, offering information on cerebral palsy from diagnosis to late-life treatment. This section focuses on treatment options for lifelong mitigation of some symptoms, with particular depth of information on physical therapy.

    American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine: Large amount of information from the frontiers of the latest CP research.

    Bobath Center Cerebral Palsy Treatment: Charity in the United Kingdom offering resources related to occupational therapy, specifically for cerebral palsy.

    Research Resources: Collection of resources on the use of music therapy in treating complications related to CP.

    Thursday, 20 November 2014

    Cerebral Palsy Information

    Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of conditions caused by medical abnormalities in the development of a fetus or the early life of a child. These lead to damage or delayed development in the brain. The disorder is permanent and, though it does not worsen with age, the level of functionality of a person with cerebral palsy varies widely: in some cases, effects may be very minor, while in others, movement is impaired to the extent that a wheelchair is required. Common complications associated with CP vary by the type of CP disorder but can include vision problems, seizures, learning disabilities, and issues speaking, writing, and performing other tasks related to motor control.

    Cerebral palsy is the focus of a large amount of medical research every year. Though much of this research deals with younger patients, more and more attention is being paid to CP sufferers as they age and seek fuller opportunities and more integration with the rest of society. Living with CP is a daily challenge, but paths to a richer and more fulfilling life are being found. There is not, and may never be a “cure” for CP, but greater understanding by clinicians and the daily success stories of those who overcome their limitations are making.

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    Causes of Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral palsy is generally caused by developmental issues during pregnancy which lead to abnormal conditions in the brain. During the birth process, lack of oxygen caused by premature delivery or delivery-room errors can cause brain damage that facilitates cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy can also be caused by recognizable brain injuries sustained by the developing child up to an early age after birth. Medical research continues to uncover the many risk factors that may be associated with CP cases. Effective maternal care, ensuring a healthy diet and environment for the mother, is vital for ensuring that preventable cases of CP do not occur.

    Developmental Disabilities: Cerebral Palsy: Referenced fact-sheet on cerebral palsy compiled by the Centers for Disease Control.

    What Are The Causes of Cerebral Palsy?: A compendium of information on a huge number of topics related to CP, with a particular focus on the health and future of children with the disorder, from the nonprofit organization 4MyChild.

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    Causes of Cerebral Palsy: Information about the types and causes of CP as provided by Lawyers, Inc., a national medical malpractice law firm.

    Origins, Etiology, Forms, Associated Conditions: Detailed, cited information about the causes and types of cerebral palsy.

    Wednesday, 19 November 2014

    Benefit Of Reclining Wheelchair

    For people who spend the majority of their days sitting in standard wheelchairs or lying in beds, pressure sores are a very probable reality. Yet they don't have to be, thanks to assistive technology like tilt or recline wheelchairs that help distribute pressure to other parts of the body.

    While pressure relief is the main objective to using either a tilt wheelchair or a recline wheelchair, each has its unique qualities that help with posture. (Even though some chairs come with both tilt and recline options, for clarity purposes, they will be addressed as two separate seating systems.)

    "Obviously, a tilt wheelchair does a better job of providing postural stability by not changing any of the angles of the knee and hip, while recliners allow the pelvis and hips to move through approximately 90 degrees of motion. Both seating systems have their own specific functions," noted David Kreutz, PT, seating specialist at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

    Reclining wheelchair move the body from a flexed position to an extended position, making the chairs more likely to elicit a spastic response in the user.
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    Because tilt and recline chairs use gravity to their advantage and come with head rests, patients who have poor head, neck and trunk control may benefit from the stability and balance they provide. When in tilt or recline, gravity helps the patient improve balance and head control.

    Once a tilt chair is prescribed for a patient, it is important to teach the caregivers how to use the tilt function and position the patient correctly. If a patient is cognitively intact, it is also important to teach that individual how he or she should be positioned in the chair, to be able to instruct caregivers.

    Candidates who would be suited for a recliner chair are those who cannot achieve a 90-degree hip-to-back angle when sitting. For example, patients who have hip precautions following total hip replacement surgery, patients who have had cardiac surgery and might develop complications from sitting upright and patients who have orthostatic hypotension--a condition where blood pressure dramatically declines when the person is brought to a vertical sitting position--would be ideal candidates for recliner chairs.

    For patients with significant generalized weakness, a reclined position along with cushioning can help prevent them from sliding or leaning too far forward, according to Tina Getsios, OTR/L. She works in a nursing home and sees many patients with weakness due to stroke, Parkinson disease or orthopedic conditions like hip fractures, who find a reclined position useful.

    Getsios, however, doesn't use a regular recline wheelchair. Instead, she uses a reclining back adaptation on a standard manual wheelchair. The difference between this adaptation and a recliner chair is that it doesn't go as far back as a recliner chair. It allows patients to recline anywhere from 90 to 125 degrees, as opposed to the 135 degrees or more offered by a recliner wheelchair, explained Getsios, rehab director at Park Terrace Nursing Home in Rego Park, NY.

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    All that's required to do this is removing the back rest of the standard manual chair and screwing in the adaptation. Additionally, she said that it's a "nice adaptation because it can be made by the therapist without any tools.

    What's more, the price of the adaptation is about one sixth of the price of a recline wheelchair.

    If a patient doesn't need to recline as far back as a recline wheelchair will reach, and needs help to prevent sliding, this adaptation will help him maintain stability in the chair, reiterated Getsios.

    And because it's a standard wheelchair and only reclines to 125 degrees of tilt, patients who are independent can wheel themselves around without the threat of tipping over or developing shoulder problems.

    Thus they increase their independence in mobility.

    The adaptation comes with vinyl-covered pockets on the back that can be filled with foam specifically to the patient's needs.

    "If a patient has weakness on the right side, and they're leaning, then I would put extra foam in the right pocket to give extra support to the patient," Getsios explained.

    The foam and pockets are useful because they prevent the patient from having to use a back cushion; because the surface is vinyl, it's easily washed and maintained.

    Whether wheelchairs are tilt or recline, in the power or manual form, if they are used properly, pressure relief will increase, as well as patients' general health.

    Tuesday, 18 November 2014

    Features Of Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

    Ultra light wheelchairs are part of our manual wheelchair series that offer a light durable frame and great features. We provide ultra light wheelchairs that are considered folding wheelchairs, meaning that the frame can be folded and stored into a small space, such as a vehicle trunk, car garage or storage space.

    Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair  are a great choice if you are looking for a light manual wheelchair. Several features separate each wheelchair from the next, some of our ultra light wheelchair categories include Manual Big Wheel Wheelchairs, and Transport Small Wheel Wheelchairs that cater to anyone looking for the right choice in manual light chairs.

    Lightweight wheelchairs typically are made from aluminum but sometimes from steel or a combination of both metals, which allows their less than standard weight of 38-50 lbs. Light Wheelchairs in this category generally weigh from 29 – 34 lbs.

    We have many wheelchairs to choose from in the 29 – 34 pound weight range and we also have chairs that are well below 29 lbs in the ultra light wheelchair category. 

    We provide users with the lightest wheelchair frames available in today's market. Our folding  Karma Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair   are the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for a light frame, our chair comes standard with top end technology. Ultra light chairs provide you with a lightweight solution for your personal needs, without sacrificing performance and durability. All of our ultra light chairs are foldable, which allows you to store it in a vehicle trunk, behind the seat of your car, or in a storage space.
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    Users can have all the features that a rigid wheelchair (non-foldable) has, plus the added benefit of being able to fold up the chair. Our ultra light wheelchairs offer a wide range of options and features to suit a user's personal needs and preferences. In this category you can find wheelchairs that weigh as low as 15 pounds, and with features such as removable armrests, full or desk length armrests, removable or fixed footrests, large or small rear wheels, and many accessories to choose from.

    All ultra lightweight wheelchairs come standard with companion handles. Most of these chairs are available in a 16″ or 18″ seat width. Most chairs have desk-length armrest pads, which easily fit under a desk or a table. Some wheelchair models have have flip-back armrests which makes transferring much easier, especially into the trunk of a car or any other storage space.  Swing-away detachable leg rests also provide further mobility and ease of use.

    Saturday, 15 November 2014

    Benefit Of Commode Wheelchair

    Commode Wheelchair are best suited for people who cannot use a regular toilet. The Wheelchair enable patients who have limited mobility due to an accident or any medical condition to use the toilet with ease. The Wheelchair allows the patient to use the toilet without causing discomfort to the legs and back. The Commode Wheelchair  can be used by people who are restricted to a bed.
    Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 7
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    What are the advantages?

    The Wheelchair are convenient and portable with some models available fitted with wheels.Commode Wheelchair can be setup next to the bedside, in the toilet, or even as a frame placed over a regular toilet.

    The Wheelchair are fairly comfortable and are equipped with back and arm rests that can be removed whenever needed. The removable back option allows the chair to be used as frame for a regular toilet. Patients who are recuperating from surgery and have difficulty in standing up can easily shift from the wheelchair to the Commode Wheelchair without requiring any support.

    The Wheelchair can be modeled to suit the user's requirements. The chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes for people of all ages. Bariatric commode chairs are designed for use by people who are over 280-300 pounds. 

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    Durable and easy to maintain

    Commode Wheelchair are quite durable especially those made from a combination of metal and plastic. Ideally the legs and arms of the chair should have a metal base while the rest of the body could be made from plastic.

    The Wheelchair if it’s to be used in the shower can be fitted with a mesh covering that not only protects the chair from mold but also dries quickly. A commode Wheelchair built from durable plastic material is easier to clean using a disinfectant, soap and warm water.

    Raised commode seats

    raised toilet seats

    Raised toilet seats are an alternative to commode Wheelchair. The seat is fitted as a frame onto the toilet or used in combination with a commode Wheelchair. The raised seat enables the user to sit in and get off easily without having to bend the knees and legs to an uncomfortable degree. The raised seat is equipped with a locking mechanism to secure the seat to the toilet and ensure user safety.

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    Wheelchairs For Children

    we take pediatric disability solutions very seriously, and we’re proud to offer the kinds of products that allow special needs children to develop and thrive alongside their peers. For sale below, you’ll find a host of pediatric mobility devices, all designed with young people in mind.

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