Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Specifically Designed : Travel Wheelchairs

Think comfort and ease do you get wheelchair?
Well look no further Lightweight Wheelchair have been designed specifically with this purpose in mind! Do you enjoy traveling but find it a hassle due to a lack of storage needed for a wheelchair? 
Then look no further then these unique Wheelchairs. These extremely lightweight frames should not be mistaken as weak in structure having a strong, sturdy frame. Remarkably these light weight frames weigh no more then 15 pounds however are capable of carrying a mass of over 200 pounds.Look no further then these beautifully designed, compact yet lightweight wheelchairs.
Karma KM 2500 Wheelchair provide the finest designs, while practical in functionality and size. Mobility and ease of storage are two of the most important requirements when it comes to traveling with a wheelchair.
No matter the range of chair or weight you can be assured of quality and amazing load capacity. Storage for most of us is limited at best thus with a compact frame and a convenient carry bag itâs a wonder we look else where. Quality is standard when it comes to good quality wheelchairs in small packages.
Lightweight wheelchair

Without functionality the design of the wheelchairs could not achieve as much as it has. Adapting is an important necessity when it comes to traveling. When sitting at restaurants tables normally pose a huge problem thankfully though many of the chairs come well equipped with both swing back and fold up armrests. 
karma km 2500 S wheelchair
Seat belts assist in keeping you safely restrained within the wheelchair. Wheel chairs used for travel have thankfully been designed with more aesthetic appeal then can be said of the standard colors generally given while coming with an array of options for both padded seating and general footrests. These wheelchairs can come in brighter colors meant to be eye-catching and can have a more sleek, streamlined look.
Unlike the conventional chairs wheel sizes have been reduced to compliment the design while still providing outstanding mobility. The best metals and fabric are used to give the wheelchairs a very modern design. A wheelchair is no excuse to travel to your hearts content. Each wheelchair has been planned with you the user in mind. Imagine a chair designed with comfort in mind suitable for every situation created with a sleek look and lightweight body. With a quality travel wheelchair there isnât much left to do but travel the world!

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