Monday, 12 January 2015

A&M Digitrim 12 P BTE Hearing Aid Performance

Fully digital amplifier with 2 fitting controls - New design BTE for moderate to severe hearing loss - Excellent output performance with low distortion - Simple, flexibel fitting using two trimmers Fitting Parameters - NH, low-cut filter - MPO, maximum output.

Digitrim offers a complete fA&Mily of hearing instruments with the latest trimmer technology and a design that offers a high level of reliability and covers a wide range of customer needs.

A&M Digitrim 12 P BTE Hearing Aid Features

  • NH(Low cut frequency control)
  • MPO(Treshold Kneepoint control)
  • GC(Gain control)
  • MNR (Microphone Noise Reduction)
  • FBC (Feedback Cancellation)
  • Acoustic signal for program and volume control change
  • Audio input, compatible with commonly used FM systems
  • Lockable battery compartment door
  • Volume control with robust rocker switch
  • Mic / Telecoil program
  • Battery type 13 Accessories
  • Audio shoe
  • Small ear hook
  • Omni Directional
  • Mic Noise Reduction
  • Push Button.

A&M Digitrim 12 P Hearing Aid Measurements

  • CHANNEL: 1 
  • RANGE (dB): 10-110 
  • GAIN/OUTPUT: 70/132 
  • 100 % digital signal processing
  • Up to three trimmers: NH, MPO, Gain control
  • Microphone Noise Reduction
  • Advanced digital feedback cancellation
  • Robust design and volume control
  • WARRANTY: 24 Months Extended warranty Available.

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