Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Side Wheel Attachment and Its Patent

Side Wheel Attachment for removably attaching an auxiliary side wheel to a cycle or bike. The side wheel attachment comprises a single structural rod which is folded in the desired shape, i.e. forms a helical torsion spring. In natural unbiased condition, the first and second ends of the spring rod extend generally perpendicularly to one another. The first end of the spring is inversely U-shaped and tangentially engages by its web the rear axle of the cycle or bike where it can be fixed after adjusting its vertical position relative to the cycle or bike. 

The second end of the spring rod is rotatably engaged by the auxiliary side wheel, therefore acting as its axle. Both ends can angularly move relative to one another due to the helical spring. Therefore, in use, both auxiliary side wheels (installed on one side and the other of the rear cycle or bike wheel) and the rear cycle or bike wheel loaded by a rider, always stay in contact with the ground so as to accomplish their respective tasks. The novelty of this invention resides in the structural simplicity of the side wheel attachment which is, as previously stated, constructed from a single structural rod.

Side wheel attachment means 18 is made from a single structural rod folded to the desired shape. Indeed, U-shaped end 20 and auxiliary wheel spindle 24 integrally form the two extremities of helical spring 22. Therefore, side wheel attachment means 18 can be easily constructed and installed as a result of their structural simplicity.

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