Monday, 19 January 2015

Side Wheel Attachment for Handicapped

Side Wheel Attachment for handicapped daily challenge for a handicapped individual is to get an easy and reliable transportation from place to place. To fulfil this problem we will find many companies providing mobility products for handicapped people. Now a day’s there are wonderful products and devices available in the market for them.

There are several different factors that should be considered before purchasing or providing a vehicle to a handicap for their use. The enquiry for vehicles will save both time and money. Scooters or bikes with Side wheel attachment are not much different from normal scooters or bikes, they are normal scooters with 2 wheels one in the front and another is in the back along with side wheel attachment that is 2 more wheels extra in back.The two wheeler modified by ability aids for the use of handicapped. Active for All is now providing excellent range of products to our clients at reasonable prices. These products are available in different models and sizes for disabled people for their specific needs.

The products that we are for handicapped people are hand driven cycle; battery operated three wheelers, advertisement tricycle, modified two wheeler bike and also wheelchair. Our products are made using excellent class elements and quality raw materials so that they don’t break easily. We deal in all types of vehicles for handicapped and have easy payment options to make their purchase more relevant and purposeful.

people can get side wheel attachments for their vehicles at affordable prices. These attachments are of great use as they help people in earning their living without depending on any 3rd person. These side wheel attachments are made from best quality material.

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