Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Best Power Wheelchair For Disabled People

Power wheelchairs are essentially manual wheelchairs with a motor that provides propulsion assistance when desired. This allows a user to propel the wheelchair more quickly and easily, and helps with obstacles such as steep ramps. For individuals with shoulder pain or tetraplegia(quadriplegia), this can be a good compromise between a manual and power wheelchair. Power Wheel chair are bulkier and less maneuverable than manual chairs, but they are less bulky, easier to transport and more maneuverable than power wheelchairs. Finding a portable motorized wheelchair can be difficult. With large motors and frames, these chairs don’t always lend themselves to convenient transport. That’s why put together a selection of what believe to be the most cartable motorized wheelchairs available. Most of these chairs are lightweight or disassemble, and some even feature foldable frames.

Karma KP 80 Power Wheelchair

Karma KP 80 Power Wheelchair
Karma KP 80 Power Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs301840

Karma latest power standing wheelchair is now available in India. Power Standing wheelchair - Increase your freedom Stand up again improve your independence and be find of your body


  • Power standing.
  • Swing-away controller.
  • Power Recline function.
  • Front wheel drive.
  • Flip-back Ergonomic arm pad.
  • Knee support.
  • Multiple adjustments - seat depth, footplate height, armrest height.
  • Parking Brake.
  • 50AH Battery.
Best Power Wheelchair generally are good for either indoor or outdoor use. When need to have larger wheels in front for outdoors as this is a safety feature. It is better to have six wheels for stability when traveling outdoors. A power wheelchair is appropriate if unable to propel a manual wheelchair or if need to reduce the strain on shoulders and arms so continue to perform transfers safely. The choice of power chair will depend on many factors, including the kind of surface conditions the chair will be driven over, the need to negotiate thresholds and curbs, and clearance widths in usual environment.

Bronco Wheelchair

Bronco Wheelchair
Bronco Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs269500

Bronco Reclining Power Wheelchair Description:
Comfort mobility is a professional Bronco Wheelchair and power scooter manufacturer established in 1978 in Taiwan. It operates with the policy of combining high quality with innovation. With dedication to research and development, Bronco wheelchair are exported around the world and earned solid reputation for its superior quality, comfort and convenience.

Features Bronco wheelchair:
comfortable, durable, designed for easy and healthy movement with full precautions.

Bronco Reclining Power Wheelchair Specifications:
  • Anchorage points.
  • Adjustable footplates.
  • LED front lights.
  • Detachable backrest.
  • Flip-back armrests.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Mechanic repairs.
  • Optional handbrake.

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