Thursday, 21 May 2015

Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

Lightweight wheelchairs provide convenience and comfort to the user and caregiver alike and are often built using materials like aluminum and titanium alloy, while foldable wheelchairs allow for easy storage and transport. Folding wheelchairs typically feature folding components such as back rests, foot rests and flip-up armrests that have been specifically designed to save space. Wheelchairs are most often propelled by the user, but can also be pushed by a companion. They are distinguished by the two large wheels in back and two small 'caster' wheels in front. Folding wheelchairs on the other hand, cannot be propelled by the user, only by a companion. Instead of large rear wheels, all four wheels are of the smaller 'caster' type. Some wheelchairs feature attendant handbrakes to allow the pusher to control the speed of the wheelchair.

Folding Wheelchair Lightweight usually refers to the feature that a wheelchair may have, collapsible meaning that it is a foldable wheelchair, unlike rigid chairs that are usually foldable, this includes sports wheelchairs. The lighter the wheelchair, the easier it is for the user to push uphill and the easier it is for a companion to lift up stairs or place in a car boot. Choose a weight according to personal needs and budget, whilst bearing in mind the advantage of a lightweight aluminium wheelchair. Wheelchairs constructed from lightweight alloys such as aluminium are ideal for storage, transportation and maneuverability. Wheelchairs feature folding components that make them easy to fit into the boot of a car and facilitate storage. Heavy duty steel self-propelled and steel transit wheelchairs are of a more robust and durable construction but have all the features associated with the lighter aluminium wheelchairs.

Folding Wheelchair
Folding Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs5684

Foldable wheelchairs have an advantage over rigid wheelchairs in that they allow to fold the chair into a portable and compact shape. It really depends on what looking for, Light folding wheelchairs are tailored for people that are looking for compact ability, this represents their way of life, as they will use the chair and store it in their car or storage space. These type of users need to have a foldable frame that is easy to prop open and close.

Folding Manual Wheelchair are a different type of animal altogether, these types of wheelchairs are non-foldable and are usually made for active users or athletes. Wheelchairs are usually welded, meaning that most of the chair is static and non-foldable.

Folding Wheelchair
Folding Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs5684


  • Offer a high level of adjustability, and can accept all types of seating systems, footrests and arms.
  • Designed for portability and are effective for travel and storage.
  • Choice of either steel or aluminum construction. foldable frame
  • Footrests are removable, as well as arms and wheels on some models.
  • A great choice for the more dependent user who does not need maximum efficiency in propulsion.
  • They are generally heavier than rigid chairs due to folding cross-braces.

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