Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Removable Arms Detachable Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs is designed for those who prefer a removable armrest wheelchair. A removable armrest allows for easy patient transfer in and out of the chair.This chair is available in a different seat width and comes complete with swingaway footrests. It also incorporates  solid rubber casters for a smooth and easy roll. Both detachable and flip-back arms are designed for easier lateral transfers. Most Wheelchairs in this category have Desk-Length arms, a shorter arm that allows rolling up to a desk or table. All are folding-frame chairs and are available in different seat widths.

Detachable armrest for use in conjunction with wheelchairs. The armrest is comprised of a horizontal member supported at one end by a vertical member. The horizontal and vertical members are releasably attached to the wheelchair frame, and the attachment of the horizontal member to the Wheelchair Detachable Arm frame allows rotation of the horizontal member from the normal position to a position of non-use behind the back of the wheelchair.

Wheelchairs - Arm Rests:
The armrests support the arms and shoulders in comfortable positions and are often used to push off of for transferring from sitting to standing or held on to for balance. Desk-length armrests are shorter than standard length rests and are often chosen so that a person can pull up to a desk or table for easier access. The shorter length of these armrests is undesirable if the wheelchair user needs to use them to assist pushing into a standing position. In this case a full-length armrest would be preferred.

Detachable Wheelchair
Detachable Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs7840

Wheelchairs - Footrests:
The footrest and legrest support protect the lower leg and feet. If they are too high they decrease the weight carried through the back of the thighs and can cause increased pressure over the buttock region. If they are two low they can cause pressure over the posterior thighs and cause problems with clearing barriers in the environment such as incline transitions. The suggested height of the footrest from the floor is two inches. Removable footrests are helpful for transferring users in and out of the chair. One may wish to remove one or both of the footrests at different times.

The user of a wheelchair in many instances is faced with a need to remove the wheelchair armrests. The most common circumstance where a wheelchair occupant requires the removal of a wheelchair armrest occurs when transfers from the wheelchair to a bed or an automobile, etc. The safest and easiest movement for the handicapped person from a wheelchair is by lateral movement from the wheelchair in order to utilize the support provided by the wheelchair. Another typical situation where the occupant of a wheelchair desires the removal of the Wheelchair Detachable Armrest would be when it is positioned adjacent a table having a surface lower than the height of the wheelchair armrests. By removal of the armrests, the wheelchair can be moved closer to the table, allowing the occupant a more readily accessible position for use of the table.

Detachable Wheelchair
Detachable Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs7840

  • Removable desk-length armrests
  • Folding backrest
  • Solid rubber casters
  • Nylon upholstery
  • Seatbelt included 

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