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Comfortable Ergonomics For Wheelchair Users

Karma S Ergo 305 Wheelchair
Karma S Ergo 305 Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs26264
Ergonomic wheelchairs have been tested and proven to be effective for relieving pressure throughout the body; this is confirmed by pressure chart mapping. Feeling comfortable on a wheelchair is something every user demands out of their new wheelchair, the ergonomic cushion that is included with the ergonomic series provides a level of comfort that is unparalleled. The S-Shape Seating System is a wheelchair feature that is globally patented. With their lightweight frames and seats designed to reduce or prevent pressure points, ergonomic wheelchairs provide a comfortable option for mobility impaired users who have the upper body strength to propel themselves, or a caregiver strong enough to do so.

Karma S Ergo 305 Wheelchair:
The Karma S Ergo 305 Wheelchair weighs only 13 kg, has a 115 kg weight capacity and is available in 16" and 18" seat widths.
Karman Ergonomic Wheelchair with wheels and footrest removed this chair weighs 10 kg.

Karma S Ergo 305 Wheelchair Features:

  • Only 10 kg. (w/ wheels & footrests removed)
  • Folding backrest, for transporting chair in car, bus, trips, ect.
  • Swing in & away footrest for maximum safety while entering or exiting the chair
  • 24" Quick Release rear spoke/polyurethane/high profile/flat free wheels & 7×1" front casters
  • Seat Width: 18"x17" OR 16" x 17"
  • Upholstery: Silver/Black mesh AEIGIS back and seat cushion
  • Height Adjustable Armrest
  • Factory Height Settings should be selected at time of purchase for convenience
  • High strength, weighs only 13 kg. (w/o footrests)
  • Anti-Bacterial Upholstery/Cushion
  • Flip back armrests w/ wider contoured arm pads for maximum comfort
  • “Tube-in Center” foot-plate, assures better side leg support
  • Frame Color: Pearl Silver & Rose Red
  • Axle Adjustable Seat Height ( 18", 19", 20")
  • Weight Capacity: 115 kg.

Karma S Ergo 305 Wheelchair Measurements:
  • Seat Width 16 inch., 18 inch.
  • Seat Depth 17 inch.
  • Armrest Height 9-11 inch.
  • Seat Height 18, 19, 20 inch.
  • Back Height 17 inch.
  • Overall Height 38 inch.
  • Overall Open Width 24 inch., 26 inch.
  • Folded Width 12 inch.
  • Overall Length 43 inch.
  • Weight Without Riggings 29 lb.
  • Weight Cap 115 kg.
  • Shipping Dimensions 34" L x 31" H x 12.5" W

Standard Single Hand Drive Tricycle
Standard Single Hand Drive Tricycle
Net Price:Rs7546
A tricycle for special needs is made so can go along for the ride in wheelchair or sitting in a special seat, both of which are attached right in front of another adult's trike. Tricycles to accommodate a vast array of special needs. Hand-pedaled recumbent tricycles are available for those without the use of their legs. Children, teens and adults with cerebral palsy and similar disorders can select tricycles specially designed to increase strength and coordination. Caregivers to autistic children can ride with their child on tandem special needs tricycles built to accommodate one adult and one child rider. Accessories are also available to convert standard trikes to suit specific needs.
The objective of Tricycle Manufacturers design is to produce wheelchairs that perform well and can provide appropriate seating and postural support without compromising strength, durability and safety.

Standard Single Hand Drive Tricycle:

  • Frame : Made by E.R.W. Tubes 22.22 mm- 18 G.
  • Seat & Back : MS, CRC Sheet Seat Size 18"x 16"
  • Wheel Size : Wheel Diameter 28"x 1 1/2" Tyre and Tube Standard Company.
  • Parts : Standard Quality 
  • Color : Black Painted
  • Brake : Front Wheel liver System
  • Drive : Rear Wheel Right Side

Without Cushion Seat & Back

NOTE :- 


Pros And Cons Of Tricycle Wheelchairs:

  • This usually gives more stability, and gives a better view of wheel clearance.
  • Smaller wheels give a lower centre of gravity (good), but the larger wheels give a smoother ride. 
  • Higher quality trikes have differential gearing, meaning both wheels are powered together, giving better handling and control.
  • Trikes are safe, sure and visible on the roads.
  • It can be difficult to store - although some can fold to some extent. They weighmore than equivalent two-wheelers, have higher rolling resistance,and it can still tip over if ridden too fast round bends. 
  • Back supports, footplates and other adaptations are possible on almost all machines. Virtually all tricycles can be retrofitted with an electric-assist system.

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