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Living Made Easy By Bariatric Wheelchair

Karma 8520 Heavy Duty Wheelchair
Karma 8520 Heavy Duty Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs23582
Bariatric Wheelchair is often referred to as a Heavy Duty Wheelchair or Extra Wide Wheelchair with extra weight capacity, reinforced cross braces, and various other design features to ensure that there is reliable durability to handle the extra support.  Whether it is additional weight capacity requirements, or simply a wider seat pan or seat width, a wide range of chairs available in the Bariatric category, there are several models and seat widths to choose from in the Reclining Wheelchair or otherwise known as High Back Wheelchair Category.

Bariatric Wheelchair is a supportive and comfortable device that provides users with a safe way to experience more independence. The rugged frame made from high-strength aluminum is lightweight yet handles up to maximum weigh so that bariatric patients can have greatly expanded mobility. A wide seat, wider-than-usual casters and tires and double crossbraces provide a reliable and stable foundation that keeps users safe and satisfied. The nylon upholstery is highly breathable, minimizing moisture even during extended periods of use. The Bariatric Wheelchair flip-back, padded armrests and the anti-slip footplates are both adjustable, enabling to get a precisely customized fit.

Karma 8520 Heavy Duty Wheelchair:

  • It comes with detachable swing away footrests.
  • The wheel chair has flip-back armrests.
  • It comes with centre of gravity adjustment.
  • The wheel chair has wide profile casters.
  • Seat Size 20'' inch & 22'' inch
  • Total Weight 17 K.G.

Commodes are used with a plastic commode pan that must be emptied at regular intervals. The commode pan is removed either by lifting it out from the top or by sliding it out from underneath. These Toilet Wheelchair are only designed to transport the user a short distance, e.g across a bathroom, and are not an alternative to a wheelchair. People difficulty standing from chairs, toilets etc then it is important that the commode use has armrests and has a suitable seat height. Ideally, users should sit with their feet flat on the floor, or footrests, so that they are stable and with their thighs horizontal (with knees and hips at the same height). If knees are higher than hips when sat on commode then it may be too low. Armrests may also help as can push up from these when standing.

There are two types for handicapped and disability product like Commode Wheelchair-

Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6
Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6
Net Price:Rs6400
  1. Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6
  2. Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 7

Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6:
Karma commode wheelchair rainbow 6 comes with lot of exiting features for elderly or physically challenged person who want commode in wheelchair. Karma Rainbow 6 has single seat with center cut commode having cushion cover on top and removable pan or plastic commode seat with pot.

Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6 Features:
  • Frame Material : M.S.Chrome Plated
  • Single Seat with center cut commode 
  • Both Option Available In Single Seat
  • Plastic Commode Seat With Pot.
  • Cushioned Top Cover
  • Square Pan Commode Pan 
  • Removable Pan

Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6 Measurements:

  • Frame Style : Foldable
  • Open Position Wheel To Wheel Width In : 26” (Inches) 
  • Seat Width : 18” (Inches)
  • Total Width in Closing Position  : 11”  (Inches)
  • Rear Wheel Size : 24” (Inches)
  • Front Wheel Size : 8”  (Inches)
  • Seat to Floor Height  : 19” (Inches)
  • Seat Depth : 18” (Inches)
  • Total Height : 34”  (Inches)
  • Max User Weight Capacity  : 110 (kgs)
  • Net Weight  : 19.5 (kgs)
  • Armrest : Fixed
  • Footrest : Fixed
  • Wheel Quality : Rear Tyre Solid Tube Less
  • Rear Wheel Lock : Yes
  • Hand Brakes : No
  • Drop Back Handle : No

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