Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hair Growth Treatment for Laser Hair Therapy

HairLase LX-50
HairLase LX-50
HairLase LX-50
Our Price: Rs 498100
Revolutionary hair re-growth, fuller, thicker and more hair with healthier scalp with Soft Laser Hair Growth Treatment. The laser hair therapy program features the new Hairlase LX50, a class 3R ‘soft’ therapeutic laser, the most powerful cosmetic laser, currently in the market. This program is nature’s path to the appearance of fuller, thicker & healthier hair for both men & women.

Laser Hair Therapy Ideal for :
Soft touch LCD for function.
Powerful hair growth treatment.
50 Glass diode laser-modules.
Sleek Portable design.
Utility arm with tray.
Safe and natural hair re-growth.
Better quality of hair.

HairLase LX-50 Technical Specifications :
HairLase LX-50
  1. 50 class 3 soft LASER Diodes.
  2. 5.7″ Intuitive Touch Screen.
  3. Computer controlled device.
  4. ON/OFF Key & Lock System.
  5. 120/220vac input voltage @50/60 Hz.
  6. USB port on front for easy loading of software updates.
  7. Wheels installed on machine base for easy movement rear wheels with locks.
  8. Low electrical power consumption.

HairLase LX-50 Special Features :
  1. Fully Integrated Touch Screen Operations.
  2. 50, Class 3R Therapeutic Soft Laser Diodes.
  3. Unique key to Turn ON/OFF System.
  4. USB Port for firmware updates.
  5. Inbuilt Audio Assistance and Music Player.

HairLase LX-50 Hairlase Benefits :
HairLase LX-50
  1. Increase blood supply to the scalp by 54% after one treatment.
  2. Stimulate hair re-growth.
  3. Help to control and manage hair loss.
  4. Increase hair tensile strength and overall hair shaft quality.
  5. Enhance the lasting effect of salon, chemical processes such as colors and perms.
  6. Help to create healthiest environment in which hair can grow.

HairLase LX-50 Price & Item Code:
Item Code: WCI-150
Our Price: Rs 498100
Net Price: Rs 488138( Use Coupon Code 'MSW2365' )

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