Monday, 3 August 2015

Shower Wheelchair Can Dramatically Improve Lives

Electric wheelchair is a chair fitted with wheels. The device comes in variations allowing either manual propulsion by the seated occupant turning the rear wheels by hand, or electric propulsion by motors. There are often handles behind the seat to allow for different individuals to push. Electric Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury, or disability. Disabled People who have difficulty sitting and walking often make use of a wheelbench.

Electronic Wheel chair are propelled by a motor and battery. They are very sophisticated. They are operated with a joy stick or push buttons. Some electric wheelchairs use advanced technology and can climb up stairs, move across gravel and even raise up to give access to high shelves. Electric wheelchairs need strong frames to support the motor and battery so they are very heavy and also quite expensive.


Net Price:Rs136710
GM Lite Brushless Power Wheelchair with Batteries is a revolutionary light weight power wheelchair using brushless motor. It is the most economic power wheelchair without sacrificing safety & durability. The wheelchair promotes pressure redistribution, reduces downward sliding and helps maintain good posture.

  • 10 times longer life
  • Lightest – 23 kg
  • 5 year long life, safe LiFePO4 battery (10ah)
  • High efficiency brushless hub motor
  • 5 seconds folding and unfolding
  • Easy to carry
  • Load : 120 kg
  • Speed : 8km/hr
  • Range: 15 km
  • Slope : 12%
  • 24V180W brushless
  • 8-inch gear hub motor

A new folding, commode-Shower Wheelchair need of the more than people with spinal cord injuries and other individuals with disabilities, most of whom require a special commode wheelchair for personal hygiene. Safe and stable for home use, lightweight and portable for travel. Its leg clamping design, unique design provides an open and accessible seat frame. For travel, it easily breaks down to pack into the optional carrying case. A wide variety of options available including drop rail for easy access, under seat pan, customised cushions and Bodypoint shower belts.

Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6:
Karma commode wheelchair rainbow 6 comes with lot of exiting features for elderly or physically challenged person who want commode in wheelchair. Karma Rainbow 6 has single seat with center cut commode having cushion cover on top and removable pan or plastic commode seat with pot.

Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6 Features:
Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6
Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6Net Price:Rs6400

  • Frame Material : M.S.Chrome Plated
  • Single Seat with center cut commode 
  • Both Option Available In Single Seat
  • Plastic Commode Seat With Pot.
  • Cushioned Top Cover
  • Square Pan Commode Pan 
  • Removable Pan

Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6 Measurements:
  • Frame Style : Foldable
  • Open Position Wheel To Wheel Width In : 26” (Inches) 
  • Seat Width : 18” (Inches)
  • Total Width in Closing Position  : 11”  (Inches)
  • Rear Wheel Size : 24” (Inches)
  • Front Wheel Size : 8”  (Inches)
  • Seat to Floor Height  : 19” (Inches)
  • Seat Depth : 18” (Inches)
  • Total Height : 34”  (Inches)
  • Max User Weight Capacity  : 110 (kgs)
  • Net Weight  : 19.5 (kgs)
  • Armrest : Fixed
  • Footrest : Fixed
  • Wheel Quality : Rear Tyre Solid Tube Less
  • Rear Wheel Lock : Yes
  • Hand Brakes : No
  • Drop Back Handle : No

  • The chairs are convenient and portable with some models available fitted with wheels. The chairs can be folded easily and require minimum storage space.
  • Commode chairs can be setup next to the bedside, in the toilet, or even as a frame placed over a regular toilet.
  • The chairs are fairly comfortable and are equipped with back and arm rests that can be removed whenever needed.
  • The removable back option allows the chair to be used as frame for a regular toilet. Patients who are recuperating from surgery and have difficulty in standing up can easily shift from the wheelchair to the commode chair without requiring any support.

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