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Height Adjustable Armrests Karma VIP 515 Wheelchair

A reclining wheelchair has a back rest that will recline from almost vertical back almost 90 degrees (almost horizontal). The recline action causes the hips of the user to open up and transform them from a seated position to a position more skin to laying on their back. Recliner Wheelchair is a great feature in wheelchairs but not necessarily the most useful. Recline works just like the lazy boy chairs drops the back down toward the floor. This feels good for a short time, but puts pressure on the lower back region after a time. If have ever laid flat in bed for any length of time lower back doesn’t have proper support in the curve and will begin to ache after a time of not changing position or elevating upper body. Recline can also create sheer in the very thin skinned individuals.

Karma Aurora 4 Reclining Wheelchair:
Karma Aurora 4 Reclining Wheelchair
Karma Aurora 4 Reclining Wheelchair
Net Price :Rs 13975

  • Frame Style : Fordable
  • Frame Material : Aluminium (Light weight)
  • Seat Width (inches) : 18"
  • Total width in wheel to wheel : 11"
  • Rear Wheel Size : 24"
  • Front Wheel Size : 7"
  • Seat to floor height (inches) : 20"
  • Seat Depth (inches) : 16"
  • Back height (inches) : 35"
  • Total height (inches) : 50"
  • Max User Weight Capacity (kgs) : 120
  • Frame Net Weight (kgs) : 13.5 k.g.
  • Upholstery : Cloth water-proof.
  • Armrest : Detachable, for easy transfer to bed.
  • Leg-rest : Detachable, can also be elevated & with calf support for added comfort
  • Wheel Quality :  MAG WHEEL
  • Rear Wheel Brakes : Available 
  • Hand brakes : Available

Karma VIP 515 Wheelchair:
The Karma VIP 515 Lightweight Wheelchair Tilt-in-Space VIP-515-TP is a revolutionary tilt chair that weighs just 34 pounds in transport. This type of a Vip 515 Wheelchair redistributes pressure to the lower back as well as under the legs and it has a 0-35ยบ weight-shifting center-of-gravity adjustment. The VIP-515-TP ‘s frame is made of a super durable yet lightweight T-6 aluminum and it tilts with the use of gas cylinders.

Karma VIP 515 Wheelchair Features:
Karma VIP 515 Wheelchair
Karma VIP 515 Wheelchair
Net Price :Rs 52822

  • Only lightweight tilt-in-space chair that also folds!
  • Intelligent 0-35* center-of-gravity weight shifting to shift pressure and reduce bedsores
  • Specially designed ergonomic head pillow is included
  • With newly designed swing in and away footrests as well as flip-back armrests that are height adjustable
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-staining Aegis upholstery
  • Full-length adjustable height removable armrests
  • 14? transport wheels only 34 pounds
  • Shifts pressure to reduce bedsores
  • Center-Of-Gravity weight shifting
  • Paint coating uses special Anti-bacterial materials
  • Flip-back height-adjustable armrests
  • Exclusive perfectly matched gas cylinders
  • Seat Belt Restraint Included
  • WARRANTY 1 Year

Karma VIP 515 Wheelchair Measurements:
  • Seat Width 16 inch., 18 inch.
  • Seat Depth 17 inch.
  • Armrest Height 9-11 inch.
  • Seat Height 20 inch.
  • Back Height 18 inch.
  • Overall Height 53 inch., 54 inch.
  • Overall Open Width 24 inch., 26 inch., 28 inch.
  • Folded Width 15 inch.
  • Overall Length 44 inch.
  • Weight Without Riggings 34 lb., 38 lb.
  • Weight Cap 250 lb.
  • Shipping Dimensions 31? L x 31? H x 15? W

Reclining wheelchairs have a few serious characteristics that need to be taken when using it:
  1. When a user is reclined part way, gravity will cause their bottoms try to slide forward out of the wheelchair. If the sliding happens they are likely to fall out onto the floor, if the seating prevents them from sliding, pressure is created called shearing which is very uncomfortable and will eventually lead to skin breakdown.
  2. Also, when reclining, the user's back will slide down the back upholstery. This effect has two inherent problems. The first being that no molded or contoured back rest can be used as the user will constantly be shifted out of position. The second is when the user is moved back to a upright position and shearing is once again created because gravity is trying to prevent the user's back from sliding up the back upholstery.
  3. Elevating legrests are almost always ordered with reclining wheelchairs which add to the cost and weight of the wheelchair. Unless the legs are elevated most users find being reclined quite uncomfortable.
  4. Reclining wheelchairs tend to be heavy and hard for a user to self-propel.
  5. The final drawback is that is care giver must control the recline function on manual reclining wheelchairs.

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