Thursday, 8 October 2015

Power Standing Wheelchairs

Standing wheelchairs from Karman Healthcare feature state of the art technology that can help change your life. Featuring an easy to access joy-stick controller that allows you to fully control the movement of the chair. It also features a stand up mode, which allows you to drive the chair while in a standing position. Standing chairs are typically used for environmental access and pressure relief. You can control the speed of the chair through the easy to access joy-stick controller, which is positioned perfectly within reach of any type of user. You can easily adjust the length of the arms in order to better suit your needs.

Folding Power Wheelchair also adjust the backrest and even fold it down in order to easily store it in any type of large vehicle. You can also control the angle at which the chair will lock into with the joy-stick controller, you can adjust it from sitting mode like any regular wheelchair, all the way to standing mode and anywhere in between. These chairs also feature our top of the line Memory Foam Seat Cushions, which comes standard with every stand up wheelchair.

Stand-up wheelchair series are designed for comfort and durability; they are also very economical alternatives to other stand-up wheelchairs on the market that can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. Our standing wheelchairs offer many health benefits, including improvement of blood circulation, kidney and bladder functioning, as well as improvement of muscle tone. Standing wheelchairs are powered by two (12v) batteries that can run for a long period of time, and last for a range of 25 miles.

Standing wheelchair is CE Approved
Standing chairs are made from 6061 T-6 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Frame
Standing wheelchairs come stock with flip-back armrests w/ clear plexiglass side panels
Most affordable stand-up wheelchair in the market
Increased Pressure Relief Improved functional reach to enable participation in ADL
Improved Circulation, Enhance independence and productivity
Improved Respiration, Maintain vital organ capacity, Reduce occurrence of UTI
Improved Flexibility, Maintain bone mineral density, Improve passive range motion
Improved Ease of Transfer, Reduce abnormal muscle tone and spasticity, pressure sores
Reduce the pressure sores, skeletal deformities, and psychological well being

Karma latest power standing wheelchair is now available in India. Power Standing wheelchair - Increase your freedom Stand up again improve your independence and be find of your body

Karma Kp 80 Power Wheelchair
Karma Kp 80 Power Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs 301840
( Use Coupon Code 'MSW2365' )
  • Power standing Wheelchair
  • Swing-away controller
  • Power Recline function
  • Front wheel drive
  • Flip-back Ergonomic arm pad
  • Knee support
  • Multiple adjustments - seat depth, footplate height, armrest height
  • Parking Brake
  • Kp 80 Power Standing Wheelchair 50AH Battery
  • Activates circulation system and improves cardio-pulmonary function
  • Helps prevent decubitus sores
  • Improves bladder function and decreases urinary tract infections
  • Reduces contractures and anchylosis
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Improves quality and independence of life

A Full motorized Standing Wheelchair with Battery- Blue is meticulously crafted to fulfill patients need. 
Toughness and durability are built in so they can expect comfort and flawless performance on a daily basis. 
Angel Mobility Wheelchair is a very unique piece of equipment. 
It allows someone who is normally confined to a seated position in a traditional wheelchair to stand up and stretch out with ease and safety, at any time, in any place. 
In addition to the standard features, it will be personally manufactured to include optional items (rear bumper etc).
The Standing Wheelchair not just a chair off the rack. Rather, it is a precise-built wheelchair that can help you to become healthier and stronger through repeated standing. 

Angel Wheelchair
Angel Wheelchair
Net Price:Rs 343000
( Use Coupon Code 'MSW2365' )
  • Electric standing wheelchair Standing up, driving function by power.
  • Head and signal light (controlled by joystick).
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Adjustable footplate.
  • Detachable backrest Rigid steel framework W/liquid coating 
  • Flip-backward armrest 
  • Max speed: 9.15KM/H 
  • Front castor: 2.80/2.50-4 
  • pneumatic castor (9") 
  • Rear wheels: 3.00-8 
  • pneumatic tire (14") 
  • Available seat width: A (46 cm), D (42 cm) 
  • Max loading: A size: 135 kg 
  • Net weight w/o battery: 62.7 kg

Raises Independence
Raises Self Esteem
Heightens Social Status
Allows For Easier Communication
Extends Access Level
Improved Quality of Life
Optional Headrest
Optional Attendant Controller
Optional Tray Model / Dual Model
Optional Junior Model 14″ seat width
New motor launch by Lloyd Actuator / Motor, Dec 2010 discontinued Denmark Linak Motor
Improved Quality.

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