Monday, 5 October 2015

Walking Sticks For Elderly Handicapped

There is a wide range of walking sticks here from traditional canes and wooden walking sticks to folding walking sticks, quad canes and stick seats. You will even find replacement rubber ferrules. We carry walking sticks for elderly and disabled people.

Adjustable Walking Stick
Adjustable Walking SticksThis lightweight, robust and hard wearing Adjustable Walking Stick is made from lightweight annodised aluminium giving the user a strong, lightweight stick that is ideal for everyday use. The stick is height adjustable using a very easy to operate but secure and safe push button system, allowing the user to set the walking sticks handle height at the ideal level for maximum comfort and support. The handle itself is large and made from moulded plastic to ensure a good grip for the user. The bottom of the Adjustable Walking Sticks Elderly is fitted with a good quality non slip ferrule to prevent the stick from slipping whilst in use, improving user safety.

One Adjustable Walking Stick
Robust, hard wearing height adjustable stick
Made from lightweight annodised aluminium
Height adjustable through good height range
Large moulded plastic handle ensures good grip
Fitted with hard wearing non slip ferrule
Maximum handle height: 990mm (39")
Minimum handle height: 740mm (29")
Stick weight: 500 gms (1.1 lbs)
Maximum user weight: 125 kgs (19.5 st)

Folding Walking Stick
Folding Walking StickThe Folding  Walking Stick has an extremely comfortable T shaped handle that is made from polished wood, providing an easy grip for the user. Being compact it can easily be stored in a pocket or bag, the four sections can be assembled and disassembled very simply and quickly and are held together by an elastic cord. The Folding Walking Stick features a durable and sturdy shaft which can support users weighing up to 114 kgs (18 st), the height adjustments also allow the user to choose the perfect height setting for when in use. Suitable for both left and right handed use, this Folding Walking Stick is extremely lightweight, with a rainbow pattern design it is very stylish.

One Folding Walking Stick
Colour: Rainbow
Ideal for users with weak grip
Height adjustable
Folding design
Easy to store
Non slip ferrule for improved safety
Minimum handle height: 838mm (33")
Maximum handle height: 940mm (37")
Maximum user weight: 114 kgs (18 st)

Tripod Walking Stick
Tripod Walking StickLightweight and height-adjustable, this Tripod Walking Stick has three sturdy legs at its base so it offers the user considerably more stability than a conventional walking stick and yet it retains all the convenience of one-handed use. The Walking Canes With 3 Legs is height adjustable, with a very good height range and with a very easy to use height adjustment system, making it suitable for use by the vast majority of user heights and very easy to adjust for maximum comfort and support. Suitable for both right or left handed users, each leg is protected by a non-marking, slip-resistant rubber ferrule and the ergonomically shaped handle ensures a good grip at all times.

Tripod Walking Cane
One Tripod Walking Stick
Wide base gives extra support and stability
Ideal for improving user confidence
Height adjustable for maximum comfort
Suitable for right or left handed users
Lightweight for ease of use
Maximum handle height: 1020mm (40")
Minimum handle height: 765mm (30")
Tripod weight: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Maximum user weight: 127 kgs (20 st)

Quad Walking Stick
This European Style Quad Walking Stick is made from lightweight aluminium with a high gloss chrome finish which not only looks smart but also allows the stick to be wiped clean easily if required. The Quadripod Stick is height adjustable through a good range, allowing it to be adjusted to provide comfortable support for most user heights. The walking stick has a comfortable swan shaped curved neck, designed to place the users weight directly over the centre of the quad stick for maximum stability. This stick has four feet at the end of the shaft which provides a wider base offering more stability for the user. Extra grip rubber ferrules are fitted on all four legs.

Quadripod StickSpecification:
One Quad Walking Stick
Made from lightweight aluminium
High gloss hard wearing chrome finish
Four legged base gives excellent stability
Height adjustable through good range
Comfortable swan shaped neck
Quad stability promotes user confidence
Maximum handle height: 920mm (36")
Minimum handle height: 660mm (26")
Walking stick weight: 1.2 kgs (2.6 lbs)
Maximum user weight: 115 kgs (18 st)

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