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Custom Walking Canes

Walking Canes
Starting Price Rs 500/-
Walking Canes can help redistribute weight from a lower leg that is weak or painful, improve stability by increasing the base of support, and provide tactile information about the ground to improve balance. In the US, ten percent of adults older than 65 years use canes, and 4.6 percent use walkers.

Types of canes

White cane: specifically designed for assisting the visually impaired, these are longer and thinner and allow the user to "feel" the path ahead. They also alert others, such as motorists, to know the user is blind and therefore use caution. In the UK, red banding on a white cane indicates a deaf-blind user.

Folding cane: has several joints, generally linked by an internal elastic cord, enabling them to be folded into a shorter length when not in use.

Forearm cane: a regular or offset cane with additional forearm support, enabling increased stability and load shifted from the wrist to the forearm.

Quad cane: has four ferrules at the base, enabling them to stand freely, and offering a more firm base for standing.

Tripod cane: opens in a tripod fashion. Tripod Canes Walking Sticks Often available with an attached seat.

Adjustable cane: features two or more shaft pieces for a telescoping effect that allows the user to lengthen or shorten their walking cane to fit to size. This feature can be combined with other variations.

I was once asked to build a custom walking cane, but this fellow had a most unusual request, he had a hip replacement done and was able to keep his ball part from the surgery and was wanting me to mount that to be used as a walking cane handle, I thought about it for a second and turned down the job mentioning I didn’t want to handle anyone’s bones plus the idea just grosses me out. In retrospect he would have been able to get a few more miles out of it.

Custom walking canes is one of my specialties; over the past 13 years I built several hundred, below are some of my recent examples with brief description. Maybe you have an idea for a custom walking cane or stick, had a recent surgery and a few left over parts, I promise I won’t pass up the next chance. Give me a call and we can talk about what you like and you might be surprised with what we can come up with. We also sell walking cane accessories to complete your walking cane.

Customized Formal walking cane features a hand engraved sterling silver band with initials, a custom sterling silver tip and our model 762 Men’s Sterling Silver Cap Doc Holiday Walking Cane on Ebony Shaft. All of our formal walking canes can be customized to fit your needs.

One of my favorite projects is multi piece walking cane, they break down for easy storage in luggage. This cane features a Daily Living Aids with a sterling silver hammered ring and brass walking cane tip.

Custom deer antler walking cane This deer antler walking cane wasn’t made for anyone I just had this antler and was wanting to do something with it so I came up with this idea. The deer antler was capped off at both ends with ebony wood with a steel rod for strength; I used a brass transition to an ebony shaft which I think turned out very well. Eventually an Attorney Spokane, WA bought this cane for this collection.

Sports themed walking canes I have made many sports themed walking canes here an example of one I did for a Minnesota Vikings Fan. Using a billiard ball and mounting it to a painted wood shaft and a silver plated accent ring.

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