Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Ergo 115 Wheelchair Ensures Comfortable Ride

Ergonomic Manual Wheelchair provides the perfect shape to fit the human body to relieve pressure, increase stabilization, weight distribution and lower the risk of pressure sores and scoliosis. At a weight of only 26 lbs. without footrests makes The S-Ergo Ergonomic Manual Wheelchair a perfect choice for a manual wheelchair. This lightweight ergonomic design ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for both the patient and caregiver with its atypical wheel design. Perfect for youth to seniors, the removable upholstery breathes to prevent skin breakdown. Optional shock-absorbing frog legs are available to overcome obstacles such as curbs. Available in red or pearl silver. Supports up to 250 pounds making The Ergonomic Transport Chair extremely durable and stable.

Karma S Ergo 125 Wheelchair
  • Our Price :Rs 26900
Ergonomic wheelchairs are used by people living with conditions that prevent them from walking and that interfere with their ability to perform daily living activities even with the assistance of crutches, a cane or a walker. Users of Ergonomic Manual Wheelchair must have enough upper body strength to propel themselves or have a caregiver physically capable of doing so. Users must also retain the cognitive ability to use the chair safely.

Karma S Ergo 125 Wheelchair:
The S Ergo 125 Series wheelchair provides flip back armrests for easy transfers in and out of a wheelchair and also more mobility when propelling and reaching out to areas as needed. This model was not meant for an active user which would fully propel without armrests in the way, however, with a flip of a button, the armrests do flip back. This model is the highest end of all S-100 Series ERGO's with special edition Cushion Color optional with limited quantity only available on this model.

  • MRP :Rs 36421
  • Our Price :Rs 26900
  • Net Price :Rs 26362( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

Karma S Ergo 125 Wheelchair Features:
  • Swing-away detachable footrests with heel loop
  • 7" Flat free polyurethane casters
  • High-grade/Padded nylon flame retardent upholstery
  • Fixed padded full armrests with alloy side guard
  • Push to lock wheel breaks
  • 24" Rear-Spoked, polyurethane, high tread, rear tires
  • Frame Color: Pearl Silver & Rose Red
  • Weight Capacity: 115 kg.

Karman S-Ergo 115
This model features our S-Shape Seating System and is our number one best seller for many reasons. At a mere 11.3 kg in weight with detachable foot rest and many features such as removable machine washable and dry-able cushions treated by AEIGIS treated anti-microbial coated seating system.

  • MRP :Rs 36178
  • Our Price :Rs 25490
  • Net Price :Rs 24981( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

Karma S-Ergo 115 Wheelchair Features:
  • Ergonomic Handrims & S-Shape Ergonomic Seating System
    Karma S-Ergo 115 Wheelchair
    • Our Price :Rs 25490
  • Fixed armrest w/ wider concave armpads
  • Swing In & Away Footrests
  • Backrest Pouch attached to the upholstery
  • 24" flat free polyurethane tires, high tread, flat free wheels
  • Seat width: 16"x 17" or 18"x 17" or 20”x 17”
  • Silver 1/4" Aegis Anti-Bacterial Upholstery, washable
  • Folding backrest / folding seat for easy traveling
  • "Tube-in Center" foot-plate, assures better side leg support
  • High strength, starting weight at only 11.3 kg. (w/o footrests)
  • 7×1" Polyurethane front casters
  • Upholstery: Black breathable mesh bottom & top AEIGIS
  • Frame Color: Pearl Silver or Rose Red
  • Weight Capacity of 115 kg.                          

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