Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Insole Omni Silicone Features and Price

Insole Omni Silicone

Insole Omni SiliconeInsole Omni Silicone is designed for superior comfort, with increased cushioning. It reduces the painful shock waves and load to feet, knees and the spine. It provides even pressure distribution throughout the foot.
High cushioning coefficient.
Long functional life.
Scientifically designed.

General Purpose.
  • Insole for common use, gives superior cushion and comfort as compared to other insoles. Reduces impact of walking/running on the body, prevents osteoarthritis. It is affordable.
Made of Silicone Rubber Insole.
  • Ensures high cushioning co efficient and long functional life. Designed for uniform weight distribution on the foot, it reduces peak shock load and strain on bones joints and muscles. It’s washable.
  • Fabric allows foot to slip easily into the shoe and provides feather touch feel.
Thin Construction.
  • Can easily be put into normal shoes. Optimized thickness balances comfort, cushioning and convenience.
  • Insole Omni Silicone

Insole Omni Silicone Measurements

Measure shoe size
Size Chart -
Sizes European American
Small 34-36 2.8-4.4
Medium 37-39 5.3-6.8
Large 40-42 7.5-9.0
XL 43-45 9.8-11.5

Insole Omni Silicone Price

  • Item Code:A-85
  • MRP: Rs 294
  • Our Price:Rs265
  • Net Price:Rs260( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

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