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Medical Arch Orthosis Features and Price

Tynor Medical Arch Orthosis

Medical Arch OrthosisMedial Arch insole is designed to support & maintain the arch of the foot. It is designed to distribute the pressure on the foot evenly and naturally. Placed inside the shoe for effective results.  

Orthosis is an orthopaedic appliance or apparatus used to support, align, prevent, or correct deformities or to improve function of movable parts of the body. Medical Arch is used to support feet after any surgery and during sports activities.

Tynor Medical Arch Orthosis helps to reduce fatigued feet. It absorbs shock from the metatarsal, heel and other areas of foot. Medial Arch insole is specially designed to support and maintain the arch of the foot. It is designed to distribute the pressure on the foot evenly and naturally.

Buy Medical Arch Ortosis (product code A-91) for foot relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress. It is recommended for people suffering from spinal problems, cervical disorders, knee joint pains, lower back pain etc. It is to be placed inside the shoe for effective results.
  • Rigid support to the arch.
  • Anatomical fit.
  • Comfortable with feather feel.
  • Massage spots for the arch.
  • Medical Arch Orthosis.

Tynor Medical Arch Orthosis Features

1. It provides rigid support to the foot arch
2. Anatomical fit
3. Comfortable with feather feel
4. Massage spots for the arch

Tynor Medical Arch Orthosis Measurements

Measure shoe size comes in 3 size
Size Chart -
Sizes European American
Small 34-36 2.8-4.4
Medium 37-39 5.3-6.8
Large 40-42 7.5-9.0

Medical Arch Orthosis Price

  • Item Code:A-91
  • MRP: Rs 262
  • Our Price:Rs236
  • Net Price:Rs232( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

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