Thursday, 17 March 2016

Quantum Power Wheelchairs for Disabled and Handicapped

Power Wheelchair:

Many people cannot push a wheelchair with their own arm strength and may require a Quantum Power Wheelchairs powered by batteries. Power chairs come in several basic styles. The traditional style looks like a beefed up standard manual plus the batteries, motor and control systems. There are also platform-model power chairs with a more ordinary seat fixed atop a powered base. Scooters come in three- and four-wheel configurations and are typically used by people who don’t require them full time.

Until just a few years ago, the power chair market was limited to just a few brands and models. Innovation has expanded the choices, though, with lighter, more powerful, and much faster chairs. Because power chairs are often quite expensive, reimbursement is a key issue. Work with your funding sources, OT, seating specialists and rehab supplier to get the best set up.

J6 Power Wheelchair
Our Price : Rs 145000
The compact Quantum Electric Wheelchair is the ultimate choice for users who demand the superb stability of Mid-Wheel 6 design and tight-quarter maneuverability. Highly adaptable, the J6 accepts a wide range of seating and electronics options while its powerful drive train delivers high-performance torque.

J6 Power Wheelchair
Item Code : WCI-201
Net Price : Rs 142100
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Quantum Power Wheelchair Features:

  • Mid-Wheel 6 allows six wheels on the ground for maximum stability.
  • Compatible with TRU-Balance Tilt.
  • OMNI-Casters (nylon, spherical-shaped casters) on front and rear prevent wheel hang-ups.
  • Side-mounted, easily accessible freewheel levers.
  • ATX Suspension (Active-Trac with extra stability) incorporates front OMNI-Casters for enhanced.
  • Performance over more varied terrain.
  • Easy front access to batteries.

Quantum Power Wheelchair Specifications:

  • Drive Wheels: 10" Solid
  • Optional: 10" Pneumatic
  • Caster Wheels Front: 5" Solid
  • Rear: 6" Solid
  • Anti-Tip Wheels N/A
  • Maximum Speed^4/^: Up to 4 mph
  • Ground Clearance: 2.5" (frame)
  • Turning Radius^5/^: 22"
  • Overall Length: 34.74" without foot riggings
  • Base Width: 23.19"
  • Seating Sizes: TRU-Balance® 2
  • Synergy/Static: W: 10-20" D: 10-20"
  • Power Tilt: W: 14-20" D: 14-20"
  • Lift & Tilt: N/A
  • Seat-to-Floor Heights: TRU-Balance® 2
  • Synergy/Static8: 16.5" - 17.5"
  • Power Tilt8: 16.875"
  • Lift & Tilt8: N/A
  • Manual Tilt/Recline^10/^: Yes
  • Battery Size^6/^: U-1
  • Battery Weight^14/^: 23.4 lbs.
  • Available Electronics^12/^: 70A Q-Logic 2 NE
  • 70A Q-Logic 2 NE+
  • 70A Q-Logic 2 EX
  • Battery Charger 5A Off-board
  • Motor Packages 2-Pole 4 mph
  • Weight Capacity^7/^: 300 lbs.9
  • Base Weight: 100.2 lbs
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