Thursday, 31 March 2016

Tynor Clavicle Brace With Velcro Features

Tynor Clavicle Brace With Velcro

Clavicle Brace With VelcroClavicle Brace With Velcro Is A Smart, And A Comfortable Brace Designed To Immobilize, Compress & Stabilize Fractures, Involving The Clavicle Bone.
Linear union.
Better tightening, more grip.
No under arm rash.
No buckle biting.

Tynor Clavicle Brace With Velcro Features

Reverse buckle fastening with hook loop tapes
  • Wide flexibility in positioning.
  • Better tightening.
  • Better grip.
Soft PU foam padding
  • Ensures No underarm rash.
  • Improves comfort of the patient.
  • Improves compliance of the product .
Figure of eight design with lateral vector
  • Ensures linear union of the clavicle bone.
  • Allows the required movement of the area with perfect immobilization of the clavicle bone.
  • Easy application and tightening of the product..

Tynor Clavicle Braces With Velcro Measurements

Size Chart -
Size              Inches       CM
CH Below 28 Below 71
Small 28-34 71-85
Medium 34-40 86-101
Large 40-46 101-116
XL 46-52 116-132
XXL 52-58 132-147

Tynor Clavicle Brace With Velcro Price

  • Item Code:A-18
  • MRP: Rs 387
  • Our Price:Rs348
  • Net Price:Rs342( Apply Coupon Code 'MSW2365' Get 2% Discount )

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