Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Elastic Knee Support Helps Knee Pain

Any sort of movement and range of motion which affects the ankles can lead to unexpected injury unless you take the proper precautions, such as applying ankle tape. However, simply applying the tape is not all that is required. Prior to exercising, running, jogging, walking or any other sports activity, make sure you properly warm up. Warming up helps loosen up and stretch your muscles and tendons, and prepares them for being placed under the stresses of repeated movement.

Ankle Support tape is a water resistant, non-medicated tape that may be applied any time your ankles require added support. It can be used for sports, training, exercising and any other aspect of an active lifestyle where you will be on your feet for long periods of time. It is a drug-free method for preventing or reducing discomfort, while providing support to muscle motion.

Elastic Ankle Support Brace
  • Our Price :Rs 164
For example, if you wait tables for a living, taping your ankles helps provide increased support so you can stand longer and take care of your guests, without being distracted by soreness. There is also tape you may apply to your feet to keep them comfortable. The tape is designed to apply securely to your skin. You are able to wear socks or stockings over the tape and do not have to worry about it peeling off.

This is just one area of the body where tape can be used. There are taping solutions for every major muscle group and location on the body. Whether you want to prevent pain, or need relief, taping helps.


  • Ankle sprain and strain 
  • Ligament or tendon injury 
  • Slight instability of the ankle joint 
  • Swollen ankle 
  • To control flaccid foot drop

Elastic Ankle Support Brace Features
  • Skin Friendly
  • Easy Breathe
  • Soft Support
  • Anti-Fungal

Vissco Elastic Tubular Knee Caps
  • Our Price :Rs 214
Your knee is where your thigh-bone and shin-bone meet up. The patella (your knee cap) is made up of bone and sits in the front of the knee. The knee joint is supported by a ligament capsule and contains the synovial fluid that lubricates the joint. Two round knobs rest on a plateau like area between your thigh and shin bone holding it in place as well as enabling movement. The calf muscle is one placed at the back of the lower leg. When we walk, run or jump it helps pull the heel up to allow forward movement.

Vissco Elastic Knee Support
Muscle or Ligament strains can be really bothersome, especially at the knee joint. We often over-work our knees in strenuous physical activities and then suffer from inflammations or strains. It’s always good to pick up an elastic knee support. Vissco Knee Cap provides compression, warmth and improves blood flow to the soft tissue areas surrounding the joint. Three Velcro straps allow for an optimal and comfortable fit. Its lightweight, breathable and comfortable ensuring it’s worn more often, thus improving its therapeutic results. The cotton knitted fabric releases sweat and permit airflow, which its ergonomic design ensures a two way stretch.

  • Post-surgery Muscle and Ligament Strains Soft tissue discomfort (e.g. tendomyopathies)
  • insertion tendinitis  
  • mild effusions or swellings.
 Support Features
  • Skin Friendly
  • Easy Breathe
  • Soft Support
  • 4 Way Stretch
  • Anti-Fungal

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