Thursday, 5 May 2016

Knee Problem and Solution

Muscle or Ligament strains can be really bothersome, especially at the knee joint. We often over-work our knees in strenuous physical activities and then suffer from inflammations or strains. It’s always good to pick up an elastic knee support. It provides compression, warmth and improves blood flow to the soft tissue areas surrounding the joint. Three Velcro straps allow for an optimal and comfortable fit. Its lightweight, breathable and comfortable ensuring it’s worn more often, thus improving its therapeutic results. Vissco Elastic Knee Support cotton knitted fabric releases sweat and permit airflow, which its ergonomic design ensures a two way stretch.

The patella, also known as the kneecap, is a thick, circular-triangular bone which articulates with the femur (thigh bone) and covers and protects the anterior (front) articular surface of the knee joint.

If you dislocate your patella, you may experience some of the following symptoms:
Your knee buckles and can no longer support your weight
Your kneecap slips off to the side
You feel your knee catching when you move it
You have pain in the front of your knee that increases with activities
You are experiencing pain in your knee when you are sitting
You notice stiffness and swelling of your knee
You notice creaking or crackling sounds when you move your knee

Vissco Elastic Knee Support
  •             Our Price :Rs244
Post-surgery Muscle and Ligament Strains Soft tissue discomfort (e.g. tendomyopathies)
insertion tendinitis
mild effusions or swellings.

Skin Friendly
Easy Breathe
Soft Support
4 Way Stretch

Having an ankle injury or sprain can really render you immobile. The Vissco Elastic Tubular anklet provides compression, warmth and increase blood flow offering optimal support to the ankle joint. It is a seamless product with an open toe and open heel that ensure movement stays easy. It is made from skin friendly material and has a ventilating effect as the cotton knitted elastic releases sweat making the support breathable.

Vissco Elastic Tubular Anklet
  •            Our Price:Rs248
Ligament sprain
Soft tissue injury
Swelling of ankle joint

Vissco Elastic Tubular Anklet Features
Skin Friendly
Easy Breathe
Soft Support

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