Monday, 20 June 2016

Best Features of Thumb Spica Splint and Finger Cot

The thumb is certainly one of those parts of your body that is exercised regularly in daily life. In fact, the thumb is employed for grasping, gripping & picking things up & holding objects. When your finger and thumb splints your capacity to carry out any responsibility with the help of your hand is practically unfeasible.

Thumb Spica Splint supports the CMC joint and immobilize the MCP joint of the thumb without inhibiting hand movement.It Helps reduce pain and inflammation and prevents further thumb injury.Thumb Spica Splints is a convenient device designed to keep the thumb in the functional i.e. abduction position. 

Thumb Spica Splints
Our Price : Rs 166
Thumb Spica Splint Features:
Breathable 3 layered PUF fused fabric

  • Durable
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Better comfort

Removable malleable splint
  • Provides customized abduction of the thumb.
  • Ensures excellent Immobilization and stability to CMC & MCP joints

Ethafoam lining
  • Allows full hand and finger movement
  • Sleek and trendy
  • Comfortable with better compliance.

A finger cot also finger frock or finger stall is a medical supply used to cover one or more fingers in situations where a full glove is unnecessary. Like medical and rubber gloves, finger cots may be made from a variety of water-tight materials including latex, nitrile rubber, and vinyl.

Finger Cot Supports, protects and immobilizes the phalanges in case of fractures, injuries or post operative care. Hook and loop bands ensure a snug fit and eliminates the need for taping.
Finger Cot
Our Price : Rs 84

Finger Cot Features:
Coated aluminum body
  • Malleable can be bent and customized
  • Strong, provides rigid immobilization
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Light weight

Ergonomic design
  • U design ensures full protection in injuries and burns.
  • Ensures easy wearing during injury
  • Well ventilated and comfortable
  • Better compliance.

Ethafoam lining
  • High cushioning
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Inbuilt Hook loop fasteners
  • Close fitting and excellent grip
  • Easy application and removal.

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