Saturday, 11 June 2016

Knee Bracing Can Significantly Reduce Pain of Kneecap

Open Patella Knee Brace, which is designed to provide comfort and support for knee pain incurred from sporting activities, and to help relieve post-surgery knee pain, strains, and arthritis. The open patella knee support utilizes a buttress to manage patella tracking, and the patellar opening enhances comfort and freedom of movement. This is also one great knee brace for running. It is basically a knee sleeve that has an opening for the patellar and buttressing or straps around the opening. This limits the movement of the patellar, reducing chances of dislocation or subluxation. Additional stability may be offered when there are hinges along the sides of the knees. This brace can be used to lessen pain for people suffering from patellofemoral pain as a result of wrong tracking of the patellar.

Open Patella Knee Support as the name implies allows the kneecap or patella to be exposed. There are some models that are completely open in the front part while others are built with a small strengthened opening big enough for the patella. Those who use an open patella knee brace claims that it is comfortable when used extensively than a closed patella brace that usually assumes the form of a continuous tube made out of supportive material.
Tynor Knee Cap Open Patella
  • Our Price :Rs 373

Knee Cap open patella is a compression tubular support used in orthopaedic practice to provide firm compression warmth & support to the limbs and joints, to allay pain and inflammation, generally associated with old age, arthritis, sports injury etc.
Silicon patellar insert
Four way stretch
Freely breathable
Soft and comfortable

Tynor Knee Cap Open Patella Features

  • Made from high quality nylon
  • Ensures longer life.
  • Appealing aesthetics
  • Offers color fastness.

Knee Cap Comfeel is a next generation tubular product knitted on a 3 dimensional computer controlled circular looms to provide mild compression, warmth and support to the knee joint.  It is used to allay pain and inflammation, generally associated with old age, arthritis or injury.
Soft Patella
Fine grip at the edges
Four way stretch
Uniform compression
Simple pull on application.
Tynor Knee Cap Comfeel
  • Our Price :Rs 319

Tynor Knee Cap Comfeel Features
Anatomically shaped and reduced compression on patella
  • No Chondromalacia on prolonged use
  • Better compression and grip
  • Easy knee movement
  • Improved comfort

Bi-layered, cotton on the inside , a dermophillic interphase
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Better sweat absorption
  • Better patient compliance.

Bilayered, nylon on the outside
  • Ensures long life
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Color fastness.

Four-way stretchable fabric
  • Effective compression
  • Enhanced comfort.

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