Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Removable Splints for Broken Ankles

Ankle fractures are one of the most common fractures of the lower limb, especially in older women and young men and are usually treated by immobilizing the joint in a plaster cast to protect the fracture. Because of the fracture and the subsequent immobilization period, people often experience pain, stiffness, weakness and swelling at the ankle, and have a reduced ability to participate in activities. Completely expose the injured limb. Remove clothing on the affected extremity, or warn the patient that it may have to be removed with scissors after the splint is placed.

Ankle sprains refer to the injury of one or more ligaments in the ankle. There are four ligaments in the ankle, and these bands of tissue connect one bone to another and provide stability. They work together to limit the side-to-side movement of the ankle, especially when the foot is pointed downwards. When the ligaments are pushed beyond the boundaries of their normal mobility and they are stretched or partially or completely torn, an ankle sprain occurs.

Tynor Ankle Splint is designed to immobilize, support and stabilize the ankle joint in injury, or offer protection to people prone to ankle injuries. Rigid exoskeleton shell design gives better protection and control of the inversion or aversion of the ankle.
Rigid immobilization
Tynor Ankle Splint
  • Our Price :Rs603
Foam cushioning
One size, that fits all
Easy to clean.

Ankle Splint Features
Unique figure of eight gripping
  • Effective control on inversion & eversion movement of ankle
  • Most effective gripping around ankle.
  • Enhances comfort and walking pleasure

Large enough room for ankle
  • Unconventional, swollen or distorted ankles can be accommodated
  • No compression hot spots on the ankle , so enhances comfort to injured ankle
  • Reduces chances of sports related injuries in recurrent ankle problems
  • Quick healing and better recovery of the fully immobilized ankle

Elastic Knee Support is a versatile knee support which offers the advantage of controlled compression around the knee and a rigid lateral immobilization and support of a splint. It allows normal flexion and free movement of the knee joint.
Patellar Opening.
Easy application.
Tynor Elastic Knee Support
  • Our Price :Rs 590
Controlled compression.
Perfect lateral splinting.
Mimics movement of natural joint.

Tynor Elastic Knee Support Features
Strong aluminum Hinges

  • Rigid side splinting
  • Free flexion movement.
Open patella design
  • Release patellar pressure.
  • Hold the patella in position
  • Can be used for Patellofemoral diseases
Wrap design
  • Easy application and removal on swollen or asymmetric knees
  • Easy application and removal for weak or geriatric patients.
  • Allows customized compression
  • Offers flexibility in sizing
Patellar cushion
  • Improves patient comfort
  • Improves compression
  • Improves grip of the product

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