Thursday, 23 June 2016

Splints to Protect Your Finger During Injury

Fingers are one of the most dexterous parts of the human body. Our fingers are constantly working, even as these words are being typed. A small injury to any of the fingers or the thumb can make you very uncomfortable. Therefore, wearing the right splint will help the finger heal faster and lessen your pain. Tynor aid manufacturing company offers the best of the finger splints at the most reasonable pricing.

A finger cot also finger frock or finger stall is a medical supply used to cover one or more fingers in situations where a full glove is unnecessary. Like medical and rubber gloves, finger cots may be made from a variety of water-tight materials including latex, nitrile
rubber, and vinyl.

Finger Cot is specifically designed to support your finger especially the phalanges. It ensures proper ventilation and comfortable to use. It is lined with ethafoam and gives you cushion like support. Finger Cot contains loop and hook closures which makes it easier to put on and remove. It immobilizes the phalanges and thus ensures fast recovery in case of any fracture, injury or postoperative treatment. It is highly durable and resilient. 

Finger Cot
Our Price : Rs 84
Finger Cot is very lightweight and can be easily carried along anywhere. It is very easy to clean and maintain. It fits tightly to your finger and holds it. It ensures no loosening or pull off. It is designed in such a way which ensures its longer functional life.

Finger Cot Use & Benefit
  • Supports, protects and immobilizes phalanges
  • Cures fractures and injuries
  • Very light weight and can be carried along anywhere easily
  • Provides cushion like support to the finger
  • Does not inhibit the movement of other fingers
  • Non allergic to the skin
  • Very resilient and can be bent accordingly
  • Ensures proper ventilation
  • Lined with ethafoam
Malleable arms fold to hold the finger in the finger in the desired position. No tapes required. Frog Finger Splint  Provides perfect alignment of the inter-phalangeal joints by maintaining them in optimal functional position. 

Keep your finger relaxed and away from any physical contact for faster recovery. Buy Finger Cot online at discounted price at Wheelchairindia.

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